Network Management

Visibility and insights to support network, location, and user-specific services.

What Makes Extreme’s Network Management Different?

ExtremeCloud unifies management with intelligence across branch, campus, and data center environments. It leverages AI and offers customers cloud choice in deployment – whether public, private, or on-premises options.

Unified for simplicity

End-to-end management of Wired, Wireless, SD-WAN and Fabric. Streamline management of Extreme devices, third- party switches, and IoT devices for a large range of industries.

Automated for scale

Actionable insights from Explainable ML (machine learning) and recommendations to optimize network performance, customer experience, and security, plus simple provisioning and segmentation of networks.

Cloud Continuum choice

A wide variety of cloud deployment models (public, private, and ExtremeCloud Edge) with a single operating experience and licensing model.

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The Benefits of Cloud-Based Management and AIOps

Unifying network management in the cloud allows organizations to provision, configure, and maintain infrastructure by orchestrating operations from a cloud-based dashboard. This provides greater visibility, insights, and consistency across locations.

AIOps enables IT organizations to manage many network devices efficiently and proactively by identifying trends and isolating potential problems. It uses machine learning (ML) to filter out the noise created by the aggregation of vast amounts of data from unified management. This includes event correlation, anomaly detection, and causality determination. Recommendations are generated to help IT teams to be more efficient and resolve issues faster.

Learn More What is AIOps?

AI can only be trusted if the user understands how insights and recommendations were generated. The Extreme AIOps algorithms are built with transparency to explain how the insights were derived, so users can trust the recommendations and automate operations with confidence. ExtremeCloud IQ CoPilot provides Explainable ML (machine learning) insights across an array of wired and wireless anomalies. These insights and descriptions enable users to see, verify, and trust the data behind every recommendation, and it provides the best options for resolution.

The Advantages of AIOps

Delivering benefits to the business and IT operations

Maintaining service level agreements (SLAs), preventing outages, and reducing costs are some of the issues that artificial intelligence for operations (AIOps) addresses. Research shows that AIOps also helps IT organizations align to the business.

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Universal Licensing - Made Easy

Feature-rich, value-based licensing tiers deliver the unified management, intelligence, and assurance customers require. ExtremeCloud IQ offers a single license for cloud or on-premises management of Extreme and third-party devices. The licenses can be pooled, and they are portable. One serial number consumes one license entitlement, regardless of the number of monitoring entities.

Licensing Table