Real-Time Network and Application Insights to Simplify Operations and Inform the Business

What Makes Extreme's Analytics Unique?

Extreme’s analytics help IT understand what applications are running on their network, who is using them, and the response time for each application. This provides operations teams with the ability to baseline application and user behavior for security. It also facilitates faster root cause analysis.

Application & User Visibility

Analyzes flows to determine which applications are running on the network and identifies potential bottlenecks. Understand the location of users and devices to provide context rich content.

Connectivity Experience

Understand usage patterns and context-based telemetry data to optimize applications and provide an enhanced user experience.

Proactive Alerts

Reduce the risk of minor issues becoming major outages with performance alerting on application performance and accelerated troubleshooting.


Why Granular Visibility and Analytics are Important?

Extreme provides actionable business insights from granular details into the performance of applications and the network. End-to-end application telemetry and deep packet inspection (DPI) provide an advanced method of examining and managing network traffic. ExtremeAnalytics for ExtremeCloud IQ Site Engine speeds up troubleshooting by separating network from application performance, so users can quickly identify root causes. It monitors shadow IT, identifies and reports malicious or unwanted applications, and helps with security compliance.

Analytics use flows to capture real-time, granular application data. This allows for more proactive alerting. AIOps aggregates and summarizes data in intervals over time to facilitate correlation and anomaly detection.

The effective use of analytics includes the collection of infrastructure, application, and user telemetry data. There are security, compliance, and regulatory requirements associated with different types of data. The ExtremeCloud platform options provide organizations and service providers with flexibility to implement analytics applications as required to address these requirements.

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