Network Fabric

Organize One Network Across Data Center, Campus, and Branch

The Industry’s Only End-to-End and Most Widely Deployed Network Fabric


Connect wired, wireless, SD-WAN, and 3rd-party devices across the entire network securely, even with 3rd party fabrics.


Built-in security with hyper segmentation limits the risks related to edge and IoT devices compromising the network.


Instant setup at the edge simplifies device and service connection to the fabric. This enables faster time to service and simplified operations. 

Organize the Network End-to-End with Extreme Fabric

Innovation Is in Our Fabric

Organizations want their networks to do more faster, with improved security and resiliency, and reduced complexity. Extreme Networks is the leading networking vendor offering best-in-class fabric technology, allowing you to choose the solution that best meets your use case and network requirements.

Extreme Networks is a leader in fabric technology with thousands of customer-deployed fabrics. We offer a highly scalable, end-to-end solution with plug and play capabilities and secure connectivity that meets all your business requirements.

Choose to manage your wired and wireless network equipment from the cloud with ExtremeCloud IQ with its powerful cloud management capabilities and consistent user experience, or manage your network using our on-premises ExtremeCloud IQ Site Engine solution.

Extreme Fabric delivers powerful embedded automation capabilities that simplify the deployment and provisioning of network services without any costly or complicated external controllers.​

Extreme’s wired and wireless solutions seamlessly integrate with hypervisor providers, security partners and IoT vendors. Through these integrations, Extreme provides you with a networking solution that can be managed holistically in a multi-vendor environment.​