WiFi Solutions For Schools: Learn About K-12 Education IT Solutions

Extreme Networks Offers K-12 Solutions Designed for Network Intelligence, Easy Management, and Next-Generation Learning.

A Network for Next-Generation Education

Deliver secure and reliable connections across campus and beyond, ensuring everyone has access to quality education.
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Relief from Technology Overwhelm

Take the burden off with network automation, insight, and assurance features that work for you so IT and teachers can focus on management and pedagogy.
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Access E-Rate Funding

Our E-Rate-eligible solutions fit the bill while bringing your network to the next level with features like end-to-end visibility, greater efficiency, and unified management of wired, wireless, and SD-WAN.
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Make Education Smarter

With Extreme, you gain the technology to support digital transformation and improve the quality of learning for everyone.

Drive better student outcomes by investing in one-to-one device initiatives and digital tools for more engaging and interactive learning.

Transform your campus with data analytics and automation, utilizing cloud networking.

Make it a priority to protect student data, meet regulatory compliance, enable digital citizenship, and support for video surveillance and IoT technologies.

Build a secure network with cloud-managed Wi-Fi that saves operational and support costs freeing up IT for higher-value innovations.


E-Rate Resource Center

Applying for E-Rate Funding? Find expert guidance in our E-Rate Resource Center. You’ll find tactical resources and information through our eBooks, glossaries, links, and listings. Plus schedule a demo or reach out to our sales reps at any time.

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