Hospitality Wi-Fi

Explore Networking Solutions For Hotels

Extreme Networks delivers flexible, agile and secure solutions that simplify the complexity of today's modern hotel

Deliver Guest Experiences that Wow

Providing exceptional service, personalized experiences, and a comfortable environment is essential to maintaining customer loyalty and attracting new customers.

Drive Operational Excellence

Optimize operations, reduce costs and adopt sustainability practices while maintaining quality and safety standards.

Develop the Workforce

Manage a skilled and engaged workforce, and invest in workforce development to attract and retain qualified workers.

The Benefits of Extreme Hospitality

Discover how leveraging the network improves operations and helps you gain a competitive advantage in the industry.

Providing personalized guest experiences requires high-speed internet access and Wi-Fi connectivity throughout the hotel with insights into customer behavior and preferences.

Extreme Networks provides hotels with real-time analytics and reporting, enabling them to monitor and optimize their operations, reduce downtime, and improve efficiency.

Provide cybersecurity to protect hotels' operations, data and guests and support physical security for the property with video surveillance, access control and alarm systems.

Smart Hotels create a connected ecosystem that increases efficiency and provides new services by leveraging IoT devices, guest management systems, and data analytics with ML.