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Simplify Management Though a Consistent Operational Model

The Industry’s Only Cloud Continuum for Choice and Security

Increased Choice and Control 

  • Extreme is the only vendor with multiple deployment options to support a variety of data security and compliance needs: public, private, and ExtremeCloud Edge. 
  • Extreme’s Cloud Continuum platform enables customers to deploy and manage Extreme applications across the entire cloud spectrum. 
  • Extreme supports twenty-one global PoPs to give customers choice: Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud.

Cloud Sovereignty at the Network Edge 

  • An elastic platform for edge deployment that has been designed to host Extreme’s application portfolio as scalable microservices.
  • Cloud sovereignty and data residency, privacy, and control at the customer network edge helps meet data residency and compliance requirements.
  • Full stack deployment at the network edge, powered by a highly scalable Universal Compute Platform enables the benefits of the cloud with unprecedented data control. 

Improved Security and Compliance 

  • Secure by design, Extreme exceeds other vendors with leading platform security standards and data privacy regulatory compliance across the toughest global, US, and European standards.
  • The ExtremeCloud platform has had over 99.999% uptime with no outages since 2020.
  • DevOps personnel are activity monitoring, OS hardening, data encryption and loss prevention, and other processes and features to improve security and compliance.

Deployment Choice with ExtremeCloud Edge

Extreme offers a range of deployment options that provide flexibility, continuous innovation, and a consistent user experience. ExtremeCloud Edge solutions enable enhanced customer cloud sovereignty, low-latency performance, and hybrid application implementations.

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Worldwide Cloud PoPs for Regional Availability

Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform hosting in North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific enable regional performance optimization and compliance with local data security and privacy regulations.

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Industry-Leading Security Practices, Technologies, and Compliance 

To ensure the highest levels of information systems and data protection, management, and compliance, the ExtremeCloud platform conforms to ISO / IEC 27017 and is certified by DQS to ISO / IEC 27001 and ISO / IEC 27701, the International Standards Organization (ISO). It also conforms to CSA-STAR security and compliance certification. FedRAMP certification is expected to be completed in early 2025.

Threats to the availability, integrity, and confidentiality of customer's information are taken seriously. Extreme is the first major cloud networking vendor recognized by the global standard for commitment to information security management systems best practices and controls.

Extreme secures access to the underlying computing infrastructure with features like VPC, NAT, TLS encryption, reporting tools and automated password protection. Along with limiting access, Extreme also monitors and tracks DevOps-personnel activities in its cloud environments, with a server and application audit trail.

Extreme employs Industry-standard OS hardening processes for production server deployment. All ExtremeCloud IQ releases and patches are hardened with continuous penetration scanning for application vulnerabilities, to prevent any issues prior to actual deployment in production.

Extreme provides daily backups of production-network data, and storage of backups in an encrypted state. For added security, our cloud networking solution also encrypts data while in transit between a customer’s site and the Regional Data Center (RDC) containing the customer’s ExtremeCloud IQ instance. The RDCs do not collect or retain any data traffic generated on the customer networks.

ExtremeCloud enables our customers to address data privacy and GDPR-related obligations for the “rights to request and be forgotten”, by enabling administrators to search, download, and delete personal data within their network management platform.