Make Your Network a Strategic Asset. 

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Extreme makes networking simple, flexible and scalable. We focus on making your network a strategic asset to power new services, ensure business continuity and accelerate innovation. Whether it’s powering the classroom of the future, improving patient care across hospitals or powering citizen services across Smart Cities – the network has never been more critical to success and we help customers find new ways to leverage the network to drive better outcomes.

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New Ways, Better Outcomes

We help customers succeed in the era of the Infinite Enterprise by providing One Network and One Cloud to help customers become infinitely distributed, provide consumer-centric experiences at every turn, and with scale. We identify and solve business challenges. We simplify and improve the way you work. And, we’re relentlessly focused on finding new ways to drive better outcomes.

Industry Solutions that Drive Your Business Forward

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Exceed customer expectations, stay one step ahead of the competition, and build scalability, resiliency, and efficiency into your next-level retail network.

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  • Network visibility and predictive analytics keep you on top of buying behavior—and potential revenue opportunities.

  • Optimize your customer experience and drive innovation with cloud-managed Wi-Fi to help you meet customer needs.

  • Strengthen operations from the inside out, making way for special touches like inventory tracking, electronic shelf labeling, and automated sensors.

Primary and Secondary Education

Drive next-generation education and relieve your technology overload with a quality cloud networking solution you can afford.

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  • Deliver secure and reliable connections across campus, local and remote, ensuring everyone has access to quality education.

  • Our E-Rate-eligible solutions fit the bill while bringing your network to the next level with features like end-to-end visibility, greater efficiency, and unified management of wired and wireless, switches, and routers.

  • Take the burden off with network automation, insight, and assurance features that work for you so IT and teachers can focus on management and pedagogy.

Higher Education

Build a high-value network for modern learning with visibility and control to attract the best students, faculty, and staff.

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  • Prime your institution for the best user experience with a flexible network supercharged with automation, data analytics, machine learning and powerful cloud management.

  • Armed with visibility and newfound control, IT staff become free to truly support users across the network whether they are instructors administering LMS or students submitting an assignment.

  • Relevant, affordable training on cutting-edge topics keeps you up-to-date and empowered to easily adopt and support new technologies and trends as they happen.

State and Local Government

Secure data across cities, counties, and states, enhance experiences for employees and citizens, and transform critical IT infrastructure with cloud networking.

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  • Transform IT infrastructure with one network that connects everyone, everywhere securely and at scale.

  • Build the network on a secure cloud that is ISO 27001/27701/27017 and CSA-STAR certified, SOC 2 & GDPR compliant.

  • Provide always-on access from any device to business-critical applications, and allow employees and guests to reliably connect to Wi-Fi.

Federal Government

Future-proof your mission critical infrastructure by modernizing, securing, and connecting your agencies through a resilient network.

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  • Implement a dynamic risk management strategy to gain better visibility into your network and proactively mitigate threats.

  • Transform your IT infrastructure with an agile network and secure cloud management system. 

  • Digitize how constituents engage with your agency and implement smart technology to keep your data and information secure.


Extreme Networks delivers simple, flexible and scalable solutions to healthcare organizations

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  • Promote greater clinical efficiency and secure, responsive connectivity for the tools your clinicians need to deliver life-critical patient care.

  • Transform the patient experience by unifying the wide array of technology touchpoints across the continuum of care.

  • Build the network on a secure cloud that is ISO 27001/27701/27017 and CSA-STAR certified, SOC 2 & GDPR compliant.


Drive operational efficiency, reduce business risk, and drive growth through new business models with a Smart Manufacturing network.

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  • Support critical Manufacturing assets by accessing data and analytics, ensuring the smooth flow of operations while increasing efficiency. 


  • Minimize threats by developing a resilient network architecture that protects your industrial assets while enabling seamless connectivity between machines and control systems.


  • Empower your workforce with innovative tools for seamless collaboration while finding new business opportunities through a fast network.


Sports and Venues

Enhance the fan experience, increase revenues and improve operations with Extreme Networks.

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  • Wi-Fi 6E connectivity enables seamless social media sharing, instant updates, and personalized content, igniting emotions while creating an immersive fan experience.


  • Strong network infrastructures improve ticketing, security, and staff collaboration while providing data-driven insights for better resource allocation and operational planning.


  • High-speed Wi-Fi connectivity and Wi-Fi Analytics enable premium services, interactive advertising, targeted promotions, and data-driven marketing initiatives, boosting revenue generation and fan engagement.



Deliver guest experiences that wow, drive operational excellence and develop the workforce with a modern hospitality network.

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  • Providing exceptional service, personalized experiences, and a comfortable environment is essential to maintaining customer loyalty and attracting new customers.

  • Optimize operations, reduce costs and adopt sustainability practices while maintaining quality and safety standards.

  • Manage a skilled and engaged workforce, and invest in workforce development to attract and retain qualified workers.

Service Provider

Extreme's CSP solutions deliver superior user experience while simplifying overall operations.

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  • Extreme's Service Provider solutions are installed in the most advanced fixed and mobile communications service provider networks, providing reliable networking solutions and reducing risk. 

  • Speed and agility requires an on demand, composable infrastructure supporting traditional and cloud-native solutions while also simplifying operations and network lifecycle management.

  • Speed and agility requires an on demand, composable infrastructure supporting traditional and cloud-native solutions while also simplifying operations and network lifecycle management.

Financial Services

Exceed financial service expectations, outpace competitors and integrate scalability, resiliency and efficiency into your network infrastructure.

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  • Provide customers with modern and efficient banking solutions.

  • Secure personal and financial data to ensure the privacy of your customers.

  • Automate critical functions and gain insight into how to run your operations efficiently. 

Training & Resources

As a partner, end customer or someone just getting to know Extreme Networks, we are driven to provide you the best learning experience that will help you in your daily life while having a little fun along the way.

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