Why Extreme Global Technical Support and Services?

With 100% in-sourced support engineers in locations around the world, our 7x24x365 Global Technical Assistance Centers (GTAC) are open and ready to solve your most complex IT transformation challenges. Gain full access to first-person resolution when you need it, where you need it, on your terms with ExtremeWorks.

We Help Organizations Merge Existing Technologies with New


 Expert knowledge on your terms

Gain access to network and cloud expertise, with deep reach into Extreme's product teams.  If things go wrong, you have access to an engineering knowledge pool with extensive industry tenure.

Unburden your staff

Relieve your IT team from the demands of unfamiliar crisis scenarios and redirect their efforts to the projects that best align with their talents and your organization's strategic goals.

Extreme-badged, global support when you need it

Count on an expert support team.  No matter who you talk with, they're wearing an Extreme Networks badge. 

Top-notch, fast service

Rely on consistent first-person resolution. If you call Extreme with a problem, we won’t transfer you from tier-to-tier. Your dedicated engineer will close your case. 

ExtremeWorks Maintenance Services

  • Award winning technical assistance available 24/7
  • Software updates and upgrades
  • Hardware replacement options with or without onsite engineer
  • Web support
  • Anytime access to ExtremeWorks knowledgebase
  • Next Business Day or four hour delivery for faulty product replacement

Traditional Maintenance Services

  • Manual updates required
  • Relies on 3rd-party software and updates
  • Non-vetted resources and configurations
  • Hidden analytics
  • Cumbersome activation, setup, and monitoring