Universal ZTNA

The Easiest, Most Complete Network Access Solution for Users Everywhere

Frictionless Experience for Remote and Campus Access

ExtremeCloud Universal ZTNA provides a frictionless user experience with consistent security policies for applications and devices, including IoT.

Fill IT Security Gaps

Consistent security policy for users, devices, and applications with one solution: ZTNA, NAC, with switch and AP enforcement points.

Quick Time- to- Value

Deploy and scale quickly through a SaaS deployment integrated with identity providers such as Google Workspace and Azure AD to accelerate user onboarding.

Operational and Cost Efficiency

Reduce complexity with simplified security management delivered through a single subscription.  Eliminate the need for additional platforms with inclusion of RADIUS as a service.
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The Best of Campus and Remote Access Security

One identity-based zero trust policy engine for both networks and applications enables consistent security for users and devices.
On-campus access combines ZTNA and NAC capabilities to control access to the network and applications for both headed and headless devices. Remote access leverages ZTNA continuous authentication and tunneled application sessions with direct-to-cloud routing.

ExtremeCloud Universal ZTNA includes RADIUS as a service for authentication and granular device identification.
Integration with identity providers such as Google Workspace and Azure AD accelerate employee onboarding.
Device security status and compliance checks through integration with MDM solutions such as Microsoft Intune provide an enhancement to typical NAC functionality, giving another layer of surety.

Automated onboarding, provisioning and fingerprinting of IoT, and end user and guest devices identify the type of device so that the appropriate policy can be applied.
ExtremeCloud Universal ZTNA leverages the Extreme Instant Security Port to simplify security configuration at the switch and over the air to wireless APs.

One view based on identity simplifies management and provides enhanced insight to speed up troubleshooting and identification of potential incidents, and to understand where security gaps may exist.
Automated incident detection and response capabilities work in concert with the security policy to stop unauthorized access.

Universal ZTNA FAQs

  • As networks expand to meet the needs of today’s work environment, the need for consistent security policy for both campus and remote access is greater than ever. Universal ZTNA is the one solution that combines and enhances the best of campus and remote access security for today’s work models.

  • Universal ZTNA continues Extreme’s commitment to enabling secure networking by unifying cloud-managed zero trust network access (ZTNA), NAC, access point (AP) and switch security into one complete, identity-based network access solution.

  • ExtremeCloud Universal ZTNA provides consistent security and a consistent user experience through an easy to consume SaaS deployment. It is simple to operate with one solution for zero trust network and application access, automated device configuration, and a single reporting interface.