ExtremeCloud Universal ZTNA


The Easiest, Most Complete Network Access Solution for Users Everywhere

Networks are transforming as organizations strive to create a more flexible workforce by embracing hybrid work, continuing to hire fully remote workers, and using third-party resources to fill skills gaps. Networking solutions also need to address the increased adoption of IoT devices that are enabling business transformation. Extreme Networks calls this way of working in increasingly distributed environments the Infinite Enterprise.

As networks expand to meet the needs of the Infinite Enterprise securing application and network access for both people and devices will be of paramount importance. For example, 84% of organizations claimed an identity-related breach in the last year, with 78% citing a direct business impact as a result. The need for consistent security policy for both campus and remote access is greater than ever.

To achieve a more secure and flexible workforce, organizations have to re-think traditional network security measures that are inherently “allow all”, and instead extend zero trust beyond applications and into the network.

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