ExtremeCloud IQ Universal Licensing

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Extreme offers Universal Licensing, so customers only pay for what they need and use, which provides greater cost efficiency and flexibility. ExtremeCloud IQ Universal Licensing provides consistent pricing for Extreme and third-party devices. The licenses are pooled, so they are not specific to device, location, or user. They are portable across devices, device types, Extreme’s network management applications, as well as across deployment options. This is just one example of how One Network, One Cloud, One Extreme helps reduce risk and costs.

ExtremeCloud IQ value-based licensing tiers, Connect, Pilot, and CoPilot, make it easier for organizations to scale their networks and adapt to IT needs. Universal Licensing delivers the following benefits:


  • A license can be applied to any Extreme Universal or legacy device.
  • Licenses can also be applied to third-party switches, APs, firewalls, cameras, sensors, and other networking and internet of things (IoT) devices.

Poolable and Portable

  • Licenses are pooled, making them independent of device, location, and user.
  • Portability allows licenses to be transferred free of charge between devices, providing flexibility, efficient license usage, and clear cost predictability. 


  • Value-based licensing tiers deliver unified management and automation for scale.
  • Simple and seamless upgrades with the ability to coordinate co-termination facilitate additional efficiencies
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