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ExtremeCloud IQ

A core component of Extreme’s 1 Cloud, 1 Network strategy that supports access points, switches, and SD-WAN. ExtremeCloud IQ provides unified management driven by Machine Learning (ML). It features intuitive configuration workflows, realtime and historical monitoring, comprehensive troubleshooting, and integrated network applications

Product Highlights


Unified Management

  • Native cloud management for access points, switches, and SD-WAN
  • Real-time and historical view of client and device health with built-in remediation tools
  • Visibility and control of application usage for professional and recreational applications and network services

Insights and Recommendations

  • Machine Learning (ML) derived insights drive a comprehensive visual dashboard of location, devices, and users
  • Explainable ML algorithms are built with transparency to help you see, verify, and trust the recommendations

Mobile Companion

  • Securely supports device management from IoS and Android based devices
  • QR and bar code onboarding
  • Installation photography, validation, and reporting
  • Troubleshooting tools, device monitoring, and alerts

Integrated Essentials Applications

  • ExtremeGuest
  • Extreme AirDefense
  • ExtremeLocation

Auto-Provisioning and Enhanced Reporting

  • With near zero-touch deployment, automatically apply configuration policies
  • Compliance reports for more informed network decision-making

ExtremeCloud IQ is an industry-leading approach to cloud-driven networking, designed to take full advantage of Extreme’s end-to- end networking solutions. It delivers unified, full-stack management of access points, switches, and SD-WAN. ExtremeCloud IQ uses innovative ML technologies to analyze and interpret millions of network and user data points, from the edge to the data center, to power actionable business and IT insights. This innovative platform streamlines operations by delivering new levels of network automation and intelligence.


We offer three cloud deployment options – Public, Private or ExtremeCloud Edge. Our goal is to provide maximum flexibility, continuous innovation, and a consistent user experience. Moreover, our 100% software-centric architecture is cloud-hosting agnostic, supporting Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and Microsoft Azure.

  • Public Cloud: Extreme provides access to a hosted service which removes infrastructure management and costs, provides data privacy and protection, unmatched reliability, and continuous delivery of innovations.
  • Private Cloud: For organizations that want or need to isolate management services in their own controlled environment, Extreme packages ExtremeCloud IQ into a private cloud offering which enables the same services as the public cloud (e.g. ML, AI, data stores etc.) all hosted within a private cloud instance.
  • ExtremeCloud Edge: An elastic platform for edge deployment that has been designed to host Extreme’s application portfolio as scalable microservices. It can seamlessly run Extreme’s entire application set across the cloud continuum.

ExtremeCloud IQ offers a range of deployment options. As your requirements change, so too can your deployment.

View the Datasheet for additional information

View Datasheet

The ExtremeCloud IQ CoPilot license tier is an add-on to the Pilot license tier. It includes all the capabilities of the ExtremeCloud Pilot and Navigator license tiers. CoPilot serves as more than a centralized point of management. It is a trusted digital advisor for your Extreme cloud-managed Wi-Fi networks that proactively reduces risk and provides the fastest time to the best experience. This includes advanced anomaly detection and capabilities to ensure the user experience of wireless and wired devices.

The ExtremeCloud IQ Pilot license tier streamlines every aspect of network management from deployment and maintenance to problem resolution. It includes all the capabilities of the ExtremeCloud Navigator tier and ExtremeCloud IQ Essentials. The Essentials component provides key capabilities for guest management, WIPS, and location services with associated services: ExtremeGuest, ExtremeAirDefense, and ExtremeLocation.


ExtremeGuest is a robust and comprehensive guest engagement solution that enables managers and network operators to use analytical insights for a deeper dive into how their guest networks are utilized. For example, knowing how many customers use the guest network, how often they visit, and how much time they spend on thenetwork are all metrics that can be measured through ExtremeGuest. Analytics of social networking behavior of customers can be used to increase patronage and expand brand exposure.

Extreme Air Defense

Extreme AirDefense simplifies the protection, monitoring and compliance of your Wireless LAN networks. Extreme AirDefense continuously safeguards the network from external threats 24x7x365 and notifies IT staff when attacks occur, enabling an immediate response. Using existing infrastructure with AirDefense, organizations canprotect their air waves from unwanted behavior. It is deployed as a set of access points serving as sensors to monitor the airwaves together with this application. Sensors can be access points configured in radio share or dedicated sensing modes and can also be used as overlay security network in any environment. Sensors can be deployed as either dedicated sensors or in radio-share mode.


Location services are crucial in helping enterprises personalize customer engagement and enhance operational efficiencies. ExtremeLocation is a resilient and scalable cloud-driven solution, that provides enterprises powerful multi-tier location services across all sites. Supporting Wi-Fi and/or BLE technologies, enterprises can monitor workflows and assets, in real-time or historically, to improve their overall operations and efficiency.

This service provides granular location accuracy resolution to support diverse industry-specific use cases. For example, retailers can track new and repeat visitors, engagement times and associates or asset locations, to provide a contextual-based personalized experience to their customers. Healthcare providers may view real-time dashboards and monitor trends of users and assets, to deliver enhanced patient care.