Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations (AIOps)

ExtremeCloud IQ CoPilot

What Makes CoPilot Different?

Explainable ML

Actionable insights from Explainable ML (machine learning) and recommendations to optimize network performance.

Connectivity Experience

Single quality index scores for each wired and wireless client experience to easily track, identify, and troubleshoot connectivity issues.


Unique digital twin capability enables testing of virtual devices and configuration before they are deployed to enhance network assurance.

How does Extreme ensure data privacy in AIOps?

  • Extreme’s One Cloud implementation is secure by design, with cloud agnostic security and privacy certifications
  • Choice of IaaS vendors across 21 PoPS and ExtremeCloud Edge giving data residency options
  • Simple deletion tools of personal data with audit reports

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Extreme’s Approach to AIOps

The ExtremeCloud IQ CoPilot license tier builds on the extensive capabilities of ExtremeCloud IQ. It delivers enhanced AIOps capabilities to streamline daily activities and enable IT organizations to be more proactive. CoPilot leverages Explainable ML to be your trusted digital advisor.

An AIOps tool must provide Explainable ML. The models need to be easier to interpret, so users can trust the analysis and recommendations from the application.

Read eBook Why is Explainable ML important?

Effective AIOps solutions require a large pool of anonymous network telemetry data to create effective ML models. Cloud-based network management captures data across the entire base of attached devices. This facilitates better analysis at multiple levels for identifying anomalies.

CoPilot analyzes data at multiple levels to establish a broader view of what is “normal”. It identifies trends and generates dynamic baselines, so it can apply a contextual approach to anomaly detection.

CoPilot facilitates network assurance by allowing network devices to be virtually staged (a digital copy/twin) and simulated before deploying them. This helps to reduce potential errors and risk.

CoPilot Out of the Box Anomaly DetectionCoPilot Out of the Box AIOps Anomaly Detector Web Image