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ExtremeCloud IQ-Controller

ExtremeCloud IQ Controller

Unified Wired and Wireless for Centralized Campus Deployments

Product Highlights


Full Stack Management

  • Purpose built with a unique operating model that scales to address the growth of mobility and IoT
  • Cloud-like simplicity with unified management and integrated services for any type of on-premise deployment

Dashboards and Insights

  • User interface and workflows make network enhancements and changes quick and agile, achieving your digital transformation goals faster

Location Services

  • Leverage the integrated location analytics to understand visitor footfall, density, and traffic flow

Security Services

  • Hosts ExtremeDefender for IoT to simply and securely on-board IoT devices


  • Certified with many of Extreme's powerful management, location, and security applications
  • 100% in-sourced support for fast and accurate resolution

ExtremeCloud IQ Integration

  • Optional cloud integration enabling single pane of glass visibility and monitoring
  • Supports ExtremeCloud IQ Controllers, switches, and access points

ExtremeCloud IQ Controller is a key offering within the Extreme solution targeted for the on-premise campus solution. ExtremeCloud IQ Controller delivers simplified management with tightly integrated services and features required for on-premise deployments, complemented with simplified licensing. ExtremeCloud IQ Controller is also available as a virtual machine (VM) for customers that have their own requirements for this type of service.

  • High-performance, enterprise-class WLAN appliances
  • Scalable to over 20,000 managed devices
  • Seamless roaming with centralized and distributed data forwarding
  • Virtualized management and control planes for cloud deployments
  • High-availability architecture for real-time voice/video/data applications
  • Flexible platform automatically adapts to underlying virtual resources
  • Unified wired and wireless management


One of the key characteristics in providing a more intuitive management experience is visualization of the RF performance at each managed site. ExtremeCloud IQ Controller helps you understand the detailed performance of your Wi-Fi by providing Expert Views of the RF State, including; RxRate, TxRates, RSS, WirelessRTT, NetworkRTT, and RFQI, along with planning views to understand your channel plan and the live RF coverage across your floor plan.In addition, ExtremeCloud IQ Controller includes a unique RF Quality Indicator (RFQI), which assigns a multi-dimensional score to how well a particular AP is serving its associated clients and paints it over the AP's coverage area.

ExtremeCloud IQ Controller incorporates extensive policy and control to securely manage users and devices. ExtremeCloud IQ Controller includes the flexibility and choices needed for today's users so that you can securely on-board BYOD or guest users on campus with social media credentials. Powerful embedded policy and control also ensures that devices are identified and securely segmented to prevent security breaches and leaks.

ExtremeCloud IQ Controller provides a streamlined configuration paradigm and workflow designed to enhance visibility of the operational state of the deployment, while simplifying typical network management configurations. Enabling quicker rollouts provides a better outcome towards achieving business digital transformation goals faster.

With pervasive wireless coverage throughout enterprises today, many businesses want to leverage location-based services to monitor traffic flow and understand where resources may reside at peak times to help improve efficiency or user experience. ExtremeCloud IQ Controller includes an integrated locationing analytics and management system. This embedded capability enables you to understand your locationing coverage, generate heatmaps, or understand the footfall by visitors.