Extreme Intuitive Insights

See how Extreme Intuitive Insights proactively delivers operational insights and business continuity for our customers.

Cloud-Based Application for 360-degree Client to Network Visibility

Improved Business Continuity

IT admins can ensure business continuity by identifying and addressing connectivity, device, or application issues proactively, users can be more effective with fewer interruptions to their workflows.

Proactive Device Lifecycle Management

Delivering proactive lifecycle and performance management together in one application enables IT administrators to scale across any number of sites, anywhere, any time.

Reduced Time to Remediation

Finger pointing and guesswork during troubleshooting leads to delays in production. By isolating issues rapidly, resolution time can be decreased from weeks to minutes.
Real Time Insight with Zebra

Benefits of combined Power of Extreme Intuitive Insight

By combining the power of Extreme Intuitive Insights with data from our trusted mobile device partners platform, IT administrators can quickly isolate and proactively flag issues that could affect Wi-Fi connectivity, roaming, application, and voice performance.

Through partner device integrations, Extreme Intuitive Insights reduces time to issue resolution from weeks to minutes and keeps users on task.

From the network data analyzed on the device, you can trouble shoot the network and the devices from your desktop.

By combining proactive network performance monitoring and device lifecycle management, Extreme Intuitive Insights eliminates the guesswork and finger pointing, allowing IT staff to scale.

Extreme Intuitive Insights Feature List

Customers can use Extreme Intuitive Insights with both Extreme and third-party network infrastructure. When connected to Extreme infrastructure, customers can take advantage of additional features, as shown below.

Feature Device connected to Extreme infrastructure Device connected to third party infrastructure Additional information
Dashboard Yes Yes  
Device onboarding Yes Yes Can onboard single or bulk upload
Notifications Yes Yes  
Geofencing Yes Yes  
Basic device details Yes Yes Includes: device name/hostname, status, version, uptime, IP/MAC addresses, disc space and some more
Location assignment Yes Yes  
Personalization Yes Yes Network admin and IT Director for 2.0
Number of Online/Offline devices  Yes Yes   
Signal strength from device perspective  Yes No  
Roam indication by AP names  Yes No For non-Extreme Infrastructure, roam indication can only be done by Basic Service Set Identifier (BSSID)
Status and events  Yes Yes  Info provided by Zebra API
HTTP Get widget  Yes Yes   
Usage  Yes No  Available from ExtremeCloud IQ
 Detailed Client trail  Yes No  Available from ExtremeCloud IQ
 Ordering Info      
 Part Number  Product Name  Product Description  
XII-IOT-S-10-EW Intuitive Insights Extreme 10 devices per year license enables device level insights into cloud for enhanced visibility and issue resolution - Extreme Works
As the world becomes more mobile and dispersed - network reliability, visibility and analytics are critical for IT teams to effectively manage what can be upwards of hundreds of thousands of devices across a network. In fact, anything short of real-time visibility poses a significant business risk. We’re proud to work with our partners to create a joint solution that eliminates the uncertainty of network and device performance and effectively reduces the risk of services outages by more than 90 percent.
Calvin Rowland
Senior Vice President of SaaS, Extreme Networks

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Zebra Wireless Insights License Installation

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