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ExtremeCloud is a resilient and scalable cloud-based network management solution offered by Extreme Networks as a subscription service.

The network is your platform of engagement for clients and staff. We have designed ExtremeCloud to provide superior user experience by empowering you and the applications that drive your business. The combination of Extreme Networks’ smart unified wired/wireless access and the elasticity, resilience and scalability provided via state-of-the-art data centers distributed strategically for worldwide availability allows you to respond to the changing needs of your business, at the speed of cloud, through a simple, multi-site aware user interface.

ExtremeCloud is subscription based, to align with your new business imperatives. Ease-of-purchasing, provisioning and ongoing operations are at the very core of ExtremeCloud, to allow you, and your team, to transform with your business.

ExtremeCloud supports both your corporate and guest networks with role-based management for users, devices, and applications. ExtremeCloud smart unified wired/wireless access enables individualized experience including quality of service (QoS), call admission control, secure access policies, rate limiting, multicast, filtering, and traffic forwarding. These services are enabled via a unique, flexible and extensible distributed architecture that is easily provisioned and managed via an intuitive web interface.

ExtremeCloud managed switches and wireless access points are simple to deploy and manage, yet provide advanced enterprise grade functionality to allow you to ensure that your network provides consistent user experience for all your business applications, whether voice, data or video.

ExtremeCloud is an easy to use and scalable cloud-based management platform that supports and transforms with your business. Combined with enterprise-grade wired and wireless cloud-managed devices, ExtremeCloud delivers a scalable and highly available pay-as-you grow solution. Backed by Extreme Network’s industry-leading global support and services, ExtremeCloud simplifies the difficult task of supporting your business transformation while ensuring a consistent user experience to end-users as they roam freely around your campus.



ExtremeCloud delivers visibility and control over traffic flows at the ingress point into the network up to layer 7. Applying enforcement rules at the entry point of the network ensures that business critical resources are protected from over-subscription and ensures a consistent user experience. A highly-adaptable and extensible flow-based architecture provides high-fidelity controls based on roles defined by what, who, and when services are needed. Different actions are supported at the rule level including allow, deny, VLAN segmentation, QoS marking, and rate limiting of applications, ensuring that services are available based on each customers’ business requirements. The flow-based architecture provides unparalleled visibility into the session data with minimal impact to performance. Unique in the industry, Extreme Networks’ policy-based infrastructure works independent of VLANs or SSIDs which allows the policy to roam with the user and/or device as they move about the campus and further simplifies the configuration and management of enterprise networks.


ExtremeCloud provides network administrators with a centralized web-based interface designed to easily manage both infrastructure and services. This graphical interface allows network administrators to configure, enable, or disable each device or group of devices. ExtremeCloud consolidates data received from across your distributed networks and locations to provide meaningful statistics in easy-to-read dashboards and views to your team, wherever they are.


ExtremeCloud provides centralized management of multiple virtual or physical sites, consolidating management information from across the entire network for a global and consistent experience. New services or policies are defined in just a few clicks and quickly deployed across one or more locations, or simply in a specific sub-section of your network, making it simple for you to test and deploy globally new application driven services.


Security is built-into the entire fabric of ExtremeCloud and the devices that it manages. During the manufacturing process of cloud-enabled network devices, a unique certificate is installed along with the cloud-discovery services to prevent man-in-the- middle attacks and preserve the authenticity and confidentiality of communications between your wired or wireless network device and ExtremeCloud. To ensure transparent connectivity through most firewall and NAT implementations, and eliminate the need for complex local infrastructure changes, ExtremeCloud unified wired/wireless access devices use SSL over TCP/443 to discover and connect to ExtremeCloud. Administrative management sessions are secured over HTTPS/SSL and different levels of administrative access are available.


ExtremeCloud wired and wireless network devices firmware allows them to be managed locally or from ExtremeCloud. This unique capability allows you to adapt your network infrastructure to meet the changing needs of your business without costly hardware replacements or re-architecture.


ExtremeCloud provides linear scalability from small to large network deployments. The cloud platform is designed to scale infinitely and adapt to your business transformation imperatives.


ExtremeCloud delivers the perfect combination of high- performance and high-availability demanded by today’s mobile user in an easy to deploy and simple to manage cloud solution.

ExtremeCloud is hosted in multiple regional data centers that offer 99.9% availability of infrastructure resources. Each datacenter offers backup and redundant services to ensure that ExtremeCloud is available when you need it.

ExtremeCloud has separated management from services, allowing your smart unified wired/wireless access devices to continue to deliver service, including authenticate new users, enforce policies or optimize user experience even though they are no longer connected to ExtremeCloud.

Dashboards, statistics, client status and list and device status are updated and synchronized as soon as the connection between ExtremeCloud and your cloud managed switches and wireless access points is restored.

Increased Performance of Business Applications – ExtremeCloud’s flow-based architecture allows for faster data processing with the industry’s most granular application visibility and control. ExtremeCloud uniquely empowers customer infrastructure to seamlessly identify and prioritize business applications while containing and constraining unwanted applications.
Pay-as-You Grow – For transformative IT departments that partner internally to help grow a business, ExtremeCloud’s management platform resides securely in the publicly-accessible cloud to allow departments to quickly adapt to a rapidly changing business environment, deliver more services more efficiently, and contribute savings to the bottom line.
Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP) – Brings simplicity to deployments so no changes to current infrastructure are required. ZTP is firewall friendly and allows wired or wireless devices to automatically locate ExtremeCloud, instantly configure and be fully operational without the risk and burden of reconfiguring local infrastructure.
Flexibility to Manage Same Hardware & Firmware in Cloud or On-Premise – ExtremeCloud offers wired and wireless hardware and firmware that can seamlessly operate via ExtremeCloud or traditional on-premise management. This eliminates architecture lock-in and allows customers to move from cloud to on-premise (or vice versa) without expensive hardware and software rip-and-replace.
Simplicity – ExtremeCloud inherits years of on-premise managed wired/wireless experience to deliver easy deployment and a simple unified wired/wireless management experience.
Latest Technology – ExtremeCloud makes it easier and more affordable for businesses to adapt and stay current with the newest Wi-Fi technologies such as the industry’s first flow-based 802.11ac Wave 2 access points.
Simple and Secure
Simple web-based graphical interface
Auto-provisioning of managed devices
Remote firmware upgrades of on-premise equipment
Mobile application for device registration, naming and location tagging
Secure Socket Layer (SSLv3) / secured communications
Out-of-band management
RADIUS authentication to local authentication services
Scalable and Dependable
Worldwide availability and redundancy
Multi-site management with common or dedicated service definitions
Self-help administrator password reset
Read-only administrator accounts
Remote reboot of on-premise equipment
Continuous service delivery regardless of connectivity status of switches and wireless access points to ExtremeCloud
Smart and Business Aligned
Application driven policies at the network edge
Remote capture of local logging data for easy troubleshooting
Flow-based access control
Guest Services redirection to external captive portal
Protect your investment – Same network devices for on-prem and cloud management
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