Extreme Cloud-Native Network Visibility Solution

Provides Industry-Changing Network Visibility for Deeper Data Insights and Control

Deliver powerful network insights

Based on a microservices architecture, the network visibility solution is build for customization and rapid service delivery.

Maximizing tool productivity and reduce cost

Enable wire-speed traffic aggregation, regeneration, optimization , and load balancing to reduce irrelevant traffic and save cost.

Intelligent Filtering 

Reduce cloud provider and tool costs by deduplicating packets, filtering out irrelevant application traffic and generating contextual data.

Key Functionality​​

The Extreme Visibility Solutions dynamically scale up and scale out on demand and provide pervasive visibility into all data in motion of a Service Provider network.​

The microservices based operating system is built for customization and rapid service delivery. It supports live patching to enable updates safely to maintain reliability and reduce operational risk.​

The intelligent Extreme Networks Visibility Platform is based on a programmable ASIC and provides a composable data pipeline for maximum flexibility ensuring any future enhancements can be easily applied.​

With a smaller physical footprint and greater power efficiency, the Extreme 9000 Series is ideally suited for modern 5G deployments both in aggregation at the data center and for high-bandwidth data collection at the edge.​

Visibility Functionality