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Extreme 9920

Cloud-Native Network Visibility Platform

Product Highlights

  • Provides highly scalable network visibility for Service Providers and large enterprise networks
  • Enables wire-speed traffic aggregation, regeneration, optimization, and load balancing to deliver maximum tool productivity
  • Programmable ASIC with full 12.8Tbps throughput to enable a composable data pipeline for flexibility and future proofing
  • Composable packet broker service delivers a hierarchical packet management architecture
  • Cloud-native operating system built for customization and rapid service delivery
  • Works in tandem with the new containerized ExtremeCloud Orchestrator (XCO) application
  • Great power efficiency with a small footprint

The expectation of greater and more flexible visibility into data on the network is driving distributed data visibility requirements. Service Providers need to have the value of a cloud native experience with the reliability of carrier-grade platforms for their automation and visibility. Cloud-native systems are designed to embrace rapid change at large scale with resiliency built-in to produce value faster and focus on business objectives.

5G has changed the way Service Provider networks are designed with new use cases and associated data appearing at the mobile edge every day. Traditional visibility tools cannot adjust to the broader requirements of the cloud-native 5G architecture. Existing solutions often require an infrastructure change to adapt to new customer use cases which leads to a fragmented visibility solution, complexity, and additional cost.

Built from the ground up for a cloud-native world, the Extreme 9920 delivers an industry-changing network visibility platform based on cloud-native principles that is designed to integrate with and address the needs of the most reliable Service Provider environments.


Management of the visibility platform leverages cloud-native API-first design to integrate with existing operational and business support systems. For customers looking to interact directly with the platform, including integration with existing MLXe and SLX deployments, the micro-services based Visibility skill within the ExtremeCloud Orchestrator provides a graphical user interface (GUI) for provisioning, management, and maintenance vital for continuous service delivery at scale. Extreme Networks continues to deliver a better user-centric experience by redefining the interface to focus on reducing complexity and to minimize the opportunity for user error. It also manages SLX 9140 and SLX 9240 and MLXe to make the migration of existing services to the new Extreme 9920 seamless.

Delivered as a microservices architecture, the Intelligent Network Visibility Solution features a cloud-native composable operating system built for customization and rapid service delivery. The system provides a wealth of streaming telemetry for platform management and performance from the lowest hardware layers through to the services running on the system. Featuring live patching and containerization, updates and patches can be applied quickly and safely for the operating system and container-based services to maintain reliability and to reduce operational risk. Innovative system statistics and APIs help to fine tune highly valuable resources and achieves optimized tooling or analytics capacity, helping to keep these expensive resources functioning at the most efficient level possible. Leveraging the statistics and audit capabilities of the Extreme network of packet brokers, operators can ensure operational efficiency with their tooling or analytics environment.

The Extreme 9000 series is ideally suited for modern 5G deployments both in the aggregation at the data center and for high-bandwidth data collection at the edge. The Extreme 9920 platform comes with a high-density chassis with 8 interface module slots, each interface module with up to 16x100G or 16x40G, totallimg up to 128x100G or 128x40G ports. The 9920 supports up to 256 multispeed ports with either 25G or 10G speed, and aggregates and monitors up to 12.8 Tbps of total traffic. This makes the Extreme 9920 suitable to be deployed in a central location for network data processing and analysis. It also leverages Extreme’s existing packet broker portfolio to create a hierarchical scale-out architecture to better align function, robustness, and value, and with the ability to scale out for the largest data center, cloud, or service provider environment. Combine this with visibility software based on a containerized architecture to provide an integrated management solution, greatly reducing time to roll out.

The Extreme 9920 is based upon the new Intel Programmable ASIC and provides a composable data pipeline for maximum flexibility, ensuring that any future enhancements can be done with a run-time compiler using the P4 programming language while achieving high throughput (12.8 Tbps). Network availability calculates the optimum path from any TAP/SPAN to any tool across the Extreme 9920 fabric. Path failover maintains tooling reliability by dynamically adjusting the traffic path with any link or switch failure along any path from ingress of the fabric (TAP/SPAN) to egress (tools) of the fabric.