Extreme Cloud Continuum and ExtremeCloud Edge

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Infinite Distribution is driving proliferation of people, devices, and applications, contributing to a data explosion at the edge. Outside of IT, OT (Operational Technology), for example, IoT in healthcare, manufacturing, energy, and retail, are also contributing significantly to this data explosion. Industry analyst IDC expects 55.7 billion devices to connect to the network in 2025, with 75% of those being IoT-based.

As a result, public cloud architectures have evolved to better address the need for more security through data privacy and sovereignty as well as better, low latency performance that stems from data and application processing closer to users. However, edge computing and distributed cloud architectures fall short by not accounting for networking. This gives rise to the need for a cloud continuum.

What Does Extreme Enable?

Extreme’s Cloud Continuum for Networking spans from the public cloud to the network edge. This addresses the complete spectrum (from basic to advanced) of where customers may be in their cloud journey, offering:

  • Cloud sovereignty: data residency, privacy, and control
  • Low latency performance that comes from computing and data management at the edge
  • Cost reduction through a consistent operational model with which customers are familiar

The first phase of this is ExtremeCloud™ Edge, a computing platform hosted at the network edge that enables management of network devices so customers can Cloud Your Way, Edge Your Way.