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Extreme IP Fabric Solution for Seamless Connectivity

Standards Based Fabric Technology

Extreme IP Fabric supports BGP-EVPN and VXLAN open standards for simplified network virtualization with a separate controller. It’s an ideal choice for service providers and enterprises looking to manage their networks more efficiently.

Integrate Extreme IP Fabric Easily

Streamline network operation and lifecycle management with cutting-edge automation and orchestration solution. Runs directly on network switches and integrates with a software defined infrastructure to achieve the ultimate in efficiency and ease of use.

DevOps Automation

Extreme IP Fabric is a highly programmable solution and eases the management and deployment of network fabric with DevOps automation tools. This improves network reliability and performance and achieves operational efficiency.

Innovation delivered with Extreme IP Fabric

Enterprise and Service Provider networks demand network agility, scalability and security - but without the complexity. Extreme IP Fabric delivers the underlay for some of the most demanding service provider networks around the world.

IP fabric uses of a single protocol stack and a single virtualization technology. By leveraging BGP as the underlay infrastructure, the architecture leads to significant scalability, network traffic segregation and improved security.

A simplified data center networking solution based on a fabric Clos architecture streamlines network infrastructure by reducing complexity and optimizing performance through an automated approach.

Extreme IP Fabric Automation is a highly scalable automation tool that can help simplify fabric management and eliminate manual configuration errors. With its ability to run on integrated application hosting or dedicated servers, it offers flexibility and optimization for various deployment scenarios.

Extreme IP Fabric is a solution designed to offer an adaptable, robust and scalable network infrastructure equipped with advanced automation and analytics features that provide high-performance fabric for seamless connectivity to thousands of devices, enabling uninterrupted application delivery, thereby elevating the end-user experience.

Extreme IP Fabric is a networking solution that simplifies network operations by creating a scalable, efficient, and agile infrastructure. This simplification is achieved through the use of automation, orchestration, and simplification of network design. With Extreme IP Fabric, IT teams can now easily manage and scale their networks while reducing complexity and ensuring optimal performance.