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Don't let budget constraints stop your Infinite Enterprise journey. Easily keep pace with market changes, technology innovation, and stakeholder demands with financing options offered by Extreme.

Transforming your IT environment requires simple, flexible financing models to meet your organization's unique needs. You need to build agility, scalability and consumer-centric experiences into your network - fast.

Extreme Capital Solutions finds the right payment plan for your network acquisition. Cash purchases, leasing and subsription offerings, a flexible monthly subscription rate, are all options. Whatever your financial needs, we’re flexible and creative so that you can be too.

Make your network a priority. Learn about financing options by contacting an Extreme Capital representative today.

Why Extreme Capital Financing Solution

  • Extreme developed Total Extreme Capital to make financing simpler, so that organizations could operate their businesses more efficiently. With Extreme Capital Financing, organizations can fund:

    • Hardware
    • Software licenses
    • Network infrastructure
    • Consultation costs
    • Project management
    • Installation services
    • Maintenance and support services
  • For many organizations, the extra costs of acquiring new technology often create a budgetary problem. With Extreme Networks' Extreme Capital Financing, organizations can place all the associated expenses onto the same plan.
  • The most significant challenge for today’s organizations is figuring out how to achieve profitable growth in a persistently slow economy. During such times, they typically hoard cash and take measures to reduce expenses. While cutting costs is often helpful, organizations rarely cut their way to permanent prosperity. For organizations seeking to grow during a recession—and not simply weather it— investing in revenue-generating equipment might be the best solution. Every organization knows that newer, better equipment improves efficiencies and thus increases output and profit. More important, the value of new equipment comes from use, not ownership. So, in an uncertain economy, leasing equipment acquisitions can be a key strategy for growth.
  • Leasing enables organizations to make the required acquisition and still retain their cash reserves. They can preserve precious capital (since leasing requires less money upfront than outright purchases) and use it for revenue-generating projects. In addition, leasing allows organizations to acquire equipment now and postpone the ultimate purchase decision until the end of the lease. Since cash-flow management is particularly important during an economic slowdown, organizations can use leasing to acquire the equipment they need based on their operating budget rather than their capital budget. As a result, lease payments can be closely matched with revenue generated. Leasing also helps present a better balance sheet—since lease payments show up as an expense instead of a debt—and allows for improved tax liability management.
  • With Extreme Capital Financing, organizations do not have to plan for a typically variable sequence of acquisitions and related costs. Instead, they can spread the total expense into monthly payments over a term of 24 to 60 months, according to their business circumstances and goals. At the end of the term, organizations can choose to replace the technology under the same plan, extend their use of the existing equipment (for adjusted payments based on the fair market value), purchase the equipment outright at a fair market price, or simply return the technology to Extreme Networks
  • For organizations that need to be nimble, leasing offers a more flexible solution to ownership. It enables these organizations to quickly and easily keep pace with changing business needs and equipment upgrades. Leasing offers strategic, competitive advantages for today’s organizations. When used appropriately, leasing enables organizations to pay for equipment as they use it, which can boost financial performance at a time when they need it most.

Extreme Capital Portfolio


For customers who are looking to maintain maximum flexibility, designed without restrictive terms and a manageable monthly subscription rate.


Captive financing options provide a single source solution for networking equipment and acquisition.

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Delivering the Best Network Management Services and Support to Your Students, Faculty and Staff.

Network Infrastructure offered as a Service (NIaaS)

Unique, customer defined, usage-based consumption model.