Network Infrastructure Offered as a Service (NIaaS)

Unique, customer defined, usage-based consumption model

Predictable Network Infrastructure Budget to Achieve Business Outcomes Faster

Get Consistent, Foreseeable Operating Expenses (OpEx)

Gone are the surprising variable costs associated with buying new equipment and the support services needed to keep it optimized. Receive an invoice based on actual per port utilization. Includes hardware, software, and support services.

Future-proof Your Network

Offers investment protection with no need for upfront capital. Take advantage of today's innovative technology to meet tomorrow's business outcomes. Offers one network refresh per contractural term.

Gain a Customized Utilization Business Model

Billing can occur monthly or quarterly and adjusted for consumption based on your organization's unique needs. Periodic reviews occur to determine evolving needs and requirements.

Pay for what You Use, Without Overprovisioning

No capital equipment to buy: No balance sheet entries, no amortization schedules, Extreme holds title to the equipment.

 NIaaS Benefits

Free-up your CapEx budget and get easy, flexible billing with NIaaS to reduce the budgeting and accounting elements needed with buying equipment.

Ensure your network can sustain the expansion and contraction of your organization's IT needs.

Gain the assurance of predictable network and support services costs.

Adapt and adjust your plan to meet current and future needs