Extreme Capital Subscription Financing

Pay for your network on a monthly basis with on-demand upgradability

Invest in Critical IT Infrastructure While Protecting Capital

Secure Your Competitive Advantage with Extreme Capital Subscription Financing.

Future-proof Your Network Acquisition

Today's networks are expected to provide full functionality and security into the next decade, yet traditional purchase models lack the flexibility to adapt on demand.  Extreme Networks' Subscription allows organizations to address ever-changing needs with an easy to use opex as-a-service acquisition model. 

Proactive Networking with On-Demand Agility

 Quickly adjust and adapt to new, different, and transitory circumstances to meet the on-going demands of stakeholders' evolving networking needs.  Acquire the infrastructure you need where, when and how you want it - easily and quickly. 

100% Compatible, 100% of the Time

Seamlessly bridge existing technologies with new with Extreme Networks experts always close at hand. Plus, Extreme Network Subscription allows organizations to change components on demand, ensuring complete compatibility today and every day.

Subscription Benefits

Extreme Network Subscription has no origination fees, no fixed term and no penalties for early termination, allowing organizations to pay for network capacity as they consume it.

Extreme Network Subscription enables cloud, hosting, in house and other managed service providers to deliver new services over cloud-optimized network infrastructures by aligning network infrastructure costs with revenue, providing revenue tracking and streamlining time to profitability.

With Extreme Network Subscription, when business needs change, compatibility issues arise, or technology progresses, organizations can simply adjust their networks. Risk is eliminated because organizations have the ability to expand, contract or refresh their network infrastructure on demand.

Extreme Network Subscription may provide off-balance sheet accounting treatment allowing enterprises to refresh networks without impacting credit ratings and key business
performance ratios, such as Return on Assets (ROA) and Return on Invested Capital (ROIC).

Organizations are free from the depreciation cycles attached to purchase or term limits tied to leasing. Extreme Network Subscription lets organizations seamlessly select the exact features, technology and footprint they need on an ongoing basis.

With Extreme Network Subscription, organizations can refresh their network infrastructure or adjust capacity easily without the need for capital expenditure. As a result, they can continue to invest in scaling their business instead of their network infrastructure.

From the moment they deploy their networking technology, organizations can be assured that Extreme Networks experts are always close at hand. Extreme Network Subscription includes secure remote access, 24×7 telephone support, around the-clock online support and next-day advanced hardware replacement.