Leasing Through Extreme Capital

Single Source Solutions for Your Business

Extreme Capital offers financing plans for all customers. Financing allows  customers to break down large acquisitions into fixed monthly payments. By providing fast, dependable financing that’s easy to access, we can help them free up cash flow, making acquiring an Extreme network easier. Extreme Networks offers customized financial solutions for all verticals.

Customized Financial Solutions

Leasing programs are available across all Extreme Networks solutions and services.  Tailored to meet the unique needs of any organization, leasing options include competitive rates, deferred payments and 12-60 month terms.

Extreme Multi-Year Service Contracts 

Overcome the evolving challenges of protecting and maintaining an enterprise network. With Multi-Year Service Contracts, you get continuous updates and optimization to ensure always-on, secure connectivity, whether wired, wireless, SD-WAN or cloud.

What Extreme Capital Leasing Delivers

Get fast, dependable financing that’s easy to access to free up cash flow, making acquiring Extreme Networks solutions easier.

Conserve capital for reinvesting in business.
Improve budgeting accuracy through fixed monthly payments and no floating rates.

Match the length of the contract to the expected useful life of the asset(s).
Easily upgrade existing solutions.

Qualified applicants can finance 100% of the cost and may include delivery, installation, service and maintenance, as well as associated equipment from third parties.

Avoid such requirements as compensating balances, large down payments, client list reviews, cash flow projections and blanket liens.

Some businesses are able to deduct monthly lease payments as an operating expense, thus reducing the net cost of the lease (consult your tax advisor for details).



  • A lease is a contract by which one party conveys property and services to another for a specified time in return for a periodic payment. Financing in this manner provides such benefits as: better cash management, potential tax benefits and the ability to avoid obsolescence. Typically loans only cover a portion of the assets required, leases typically cover 100% of the acquisition costs. Loans can be based on floating rates and often include additional fees. A lease payment through Extreme Capital will have fixed payments for the duration of the term and Extreme Capital never includes additional fees and unlike most loans, customers can chose their term and desired purchase options.
  • Conserve valuable capital and meet your business needs with the 90-Day No Pay Program from Extreme Capital Solutions. Acquire your solution today and pay nothing for the first 90 days when you finance through Extreme Capital Solutions. It’s that simple.

    • Let your 90-Day No Pay start working for you before full payments begin
    • Competitive, fixed monthly payments begin after the first 90 days
    • Terms of 24–60 months
    • Improved cash flow management
    • !00% financing, including soft-costs such as installation, conversion, training and freight
    • No advanced payments

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