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What are Universal Platforms?

Extreme’s Universal Platforms combine the power of cloud management with next-generation switches and access points that can support multiple deployment use cases through a simple change of the software or feature set.

Universal Platforms increase flexibility and reduce hardware obsolescence by allowing customers to gradually adopt new technologies or change their desired use case by changing the software or feature set and/or management system, while preserving the hardware and even the associated licenses.

Universal Platforms Simplify the Deployment Experience

With Universal, gone are the days of complex licensing and confusing warranty offers! Instead, licensing is poolable and portable, warranty is clear and consistent, and services and support is fully in-sourced and top ranked.

  • Poolable, portable switch software OS license: Bulk activated and centrally administered through the cloud
  • Poolable, portable management license: One price for any device with full portability across any device.
  • Single, consistent warranty: Across universal wired/ wireless platforms.
  • Trusted in-house services and support that provide flexibility, and outstanding 24/7 technical support.

Traditional Platforms

  • Hardware is tied to feature set / use case
  • Evolving to a new technology / use case= rip and replace
  • Complex per SKU licensing for switch software features
  • Complex per device licensing
  • Different warranties for wired/ wireless

Universal Platforms

  • Feature set is decoupled from hardware and can be changed
  • No rip and replace to evolve to a new technology /use case
  • Simple, poolable and portable switch licensing
  • One license for any device
  • Consistent warranty across universal wired/wireless platforms


Benefits of Universal Platforms



Universal platforms can accelerate your project timelines through ease of specifying requirements (connectivity first, feature set later) and through ease of procurement.


Universal platforms improve operating efficiency through powerful cloud management capabilities that offer single pane of glass management across wired and wireless platforms.


Universal platforms avoid technology lock-in by being able to evolve the software to take advantage of new technologies, new feature sets and new deployment models as requirements change.


Universal platforms provide an improved deployment experience through simple, streamlined licensing, consistent warranty, powerful cloud management and top ranked services and support.

Extreme’s Universal Switches

Designed for the digital enterprise, the Extreme 5520/5420 Series universal hardware offers a user-selectable choice of Extreme’s flagship switch operating systems, resulting in a uniquely flexible platform that can be deployed across a range of use cases and edge, aggregation and wiring-closet environments.


5520 Series

High-performance feature-rich switches for enterprise edge and aggregation deployments

5420 Series

High-performance, fixed-form switches for enterprise wiring closet and edge deployments

Extreme’s Universal APs

Extreme’s Universal APs offer a user-selectable choice of Extreme’s flagship operating systems, resulting in a flexible platform that can be deployed across campus and distributed environments and across on-premises and cloud-management – providing flexibility and choice while also reducing total cost of ownership.



Wi-Fi 6 dual radio (2.4GHz (2×2) and 5GHz (2×2)) enterprise access point and switch designed for wall, ceiling or desktop mount.

Wi-Fi Access Point AP302W | Extreme Networks Wireless


Wi-Fi 6 dual radio (2.4GHz (2×2) and 5GHz (2×2)) enterprise access point and switch for indoor and industrial environments.


Wi-Fi 6 tri-radio (2.4GHz (2×2) and 5GHz (4×4), 1×1 sensor) enterprise access point and switch designed for dense indoor environments.

Wi-Fi Access Point AP460C | Extreme Networks Wireless

AP460C/ AP460S6C/ AP460S12C

Wi-Fi 6 tri-radio (2.4GHz (2×2) and 5GHz (4×4), 1×1 sensor) enterprise access point and switch designed for dense and even harsh outdoor environments.


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