What Are People Talking About Post Extreme Connect?


Extreme Connect 2024 brought customers, partners, and employees together to experience the convergence of AI, networking, and security. This year, Extreme executives like CCO Norman Rice, CTO/CPO Nabil Bukhari, CMO Monica Kumar, and CEO Ed Meyercord were joined on the mainstage by a variety of industry leaders, such as:

  • Slade Besson, Director of Networking at Nichols State University
  • Robert Redd, VP of Sales Engineering at Converge 1
  • Joachim De Vos, Co-Chairman of Living Tomorrow
  • Amanda Crawford, CIO of the State of Texas
  • Eduardo Kassner, Chief Data Officer and GM for Data and AI at Microsoft
  • Eric McLaughlin, VP and General Manager of Wireless Solutions at Intel

The Latest with Universal Platforms – 4000 Series Switches and Wi-Fi 7 Access Points

Nabil kicked off his mainstage with a little bit of background on where Extreme has been and where we are going, previewing some of the exciting announcements we have on our latest technology. From cutting-edge switches to the latest APs, Extreme's fabric extends across our entire portfolio, including the newly introduced 4000 series. This series, managed entirely by the cloud, boasts deployment speeds 12x faster than its counterparts, and it can effortlessly scale to thousands of switches with a single click.

On the Wi-Fi front, Extreme continues to push boundaries with the release of a new Wi-Fi 7 AP, the AP5020. Building on the success of Wi-Fi 6E, which introduced the 6 GHz spectrum to enterprise-grade networks, Wi-Fi 7 promises even more advanced features, ensuring faster connections and lower latency.


Identity-Based Security and Universal ZTNA

During the mainstage session, Nabil hosted a security panel where he dove deeper into our UZTNA solution. Universal Zero Trust Network Access (UZTNA) revolutionizes networking by prioritizing identity context and seamlessly integrating user and device identities for secure access. Developed with user experience as a focal point, ExtremeCloud UZTNA underwent rigorous beta testing with over 55 participants, resulting in the incorporation of over a hundred feature requests. This collaborative effort showcases Extreme's commitment to innovation and user-centric design, setting a new standard for network security and accessibility.


The 6 GHz Spectrum and Outdoor Wi-Fi

Nabil also announced some exciting updates on the Wi-Fi front during Connect. Extreme leads the way in outdoor Wi-Fi 6E deployments, securing a standard power grant for faster speeds, expanded coverage, and improved device performance. Through collaboration with Wi-Fi Alliance Services, Extreme provides uninterrupted 6 GHz Wi-Fi connectivity to customers like BYU, Cedar Fair, and the San Francisco Giants, enhancing outdoor environments with lower latency and increased capacity. The AP5050 Universal Wi-Fi 6E access points are engineered for optimal performance in outdoor settings such as stadiums and university campuses, supported by secure cloud-based Automated Frequency Coordination (AFC) to maximize transmission power while protecting incumbent users in the 6 GHz spectrum across the United States.


Wireless Network Management and the Latest with ExtremeCloud IQ

Another mainstage announcement unveiled an exciting new era in Wi-Fi mapping, promising groundbreaking capabilities to enhance user experiences and network management. With a complete reimagination of Wi-Fi visualization from the ground up, ExtremeCloud IQ will show a comprehensive suite of tools designed to revolutionize network monitoring and troubleshooting. From real-time Wi-Fi visualization to advanced 3D views and client-centric perspectives, this update offers unparalleled insights into network performance and client behavior.


Announcing Extreme Labs and Its First Tech Preview

Extreme Labs is a dynamic hub for innovation, where creativity, collaboration, and cutting-edge technology converge to drive the development of early-stage technologies. Serving as a premier showcase for technology innovation, Extreme Labs prioritizes the advancement of impactful technologies.

On the mainstage at Connect, Extreme Labs previewed Extreme AI Expert, a Generative AI solution designed to revolutionize enterprise networking and security by optimizing design, deployment, and management processes. By seamlessly accessing diverse data sources and translating insights into actionable recommendations, Extreme AI Expert promises to empower organizations to work faster, smarter, and more efficiently, ultimately driving performance and operational excellence.


The Intersection of AI, Networking, and Security

As Extreme Connect 2024 wraps up, the buzz of innovation lingers. From captivating mainstage sessions to big tech reveals, the event was a game-changer. The dialogue sparked at Extreme Connect is just taking off, fueling a journey of innovation in enterprise networking. Access the mainstage sessions and event recaps now!

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