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Make your network a strategic asset for your enterprise.

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Rethink Connectivity

Secure cloud-managed connectivity for WAN Edge, enabling remote work, distance learning, telemedicine and more.

Unlock New Insights

Leverage network insights for personalization, efficiency and unlocking untapped data potential.

Transform Economics

Maximize network investments, optimize SaaS usage, leverage machine learning advancements and reduce management efforts.

Solutions for Enterprises by Industry

Exceed customer expectations, stay one step ahead of the competition, and build scalability, resiliency, and efficiency into your next-level retail network.

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Drive next-generation education and relieve your technology overload with a quality cloud networking solution you can afford.

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Build a high-value network for modern learning with visibility and control to attract the best students, faculty, and staff.

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Revitalize your community, enrich citizen experiences and enhance network security through the implementation of cloud networking solutions.

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Enhance clinical efficiency, elevate patient care and safeguard patient information with a state-of-the-art healthcare network for improved healthcare delivery.

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Transform your operations, drive innovation, and gain a competitive edge with Extreme Networks.

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Enhance the fan experience, increase revenues and improve operations with Extreme Networks.

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Deliver guest experiences that wow, drive operational excellence and develop the workforce with a modern hospitality network.

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Exceed customer expectations, outperform competitors and seamlessly incorporate scalability, resiliency and efficiency into your network infrastructure.

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