Australian Coworking Firm Builds the Office of the Future

Waterman is an Australian coworking firm with almost 20,000 square meters of office space across six centers in Melbourne. Catering to over 1,000 businesses and 2,500 customers, Waterman leases physical coworking spaces for companies, teams, and programs that require fast, reliable, and secure connectivity.


  • Scalable network infrastructure that covers multiple locations across Melbourne without risking performance and speed
  • Reliable security to protect confidential and sensitive client data
  • Robust connectivity and bandwidth to support thousands of end-users simultaneously
  • Future proof solutions to help firm achieve expansion goals
"ExtremeCloud IQ when utilized with Extreme Fabric gives us the flexibility to set up the network in a way that will meet our customers' demands. Our partnership with Extreme has allowed us to expand and scale our organization much faster than a traditional solution. We see every dollar that we invest in technology generating a return on investment."
Martin Reidy
Head of Operations, Waterman Business Centers

Extreme Solutions

  • ExtremeCloud™ IQ
  • Extreme Fabric™



Flexible, Agile Network

  • Flexibility to build and adjust the network as needed to meet customer demands
  • Reliable support and connectivity for thousands of end users
  • Solutions have enabled organization growth

Consolidated Network Management

  • Clear visibility and management of entire network from single application
  • Simplified network infrastructure and maintenance saves IT team time and resources
  • Increased security to further protect client data

Future Proof Network

  • Scalability of solutions will allow network to grow and evolve in tandem with Waterman's planned expansion across Australia
  • Segmentation technology keeps performance and speed up despite widening coverage
  • Adaptable solutions to consistently meet clients' changing needs and demands