Maximizing IT Budget with Futureproof Wireless Network at Tornillo ISD

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The Tornillo Independent School District (ISD) is a small district in West Texas comprising four schools, 825 students, and roughly 200 faculty. The district is responsible for an elementary, intermediate, junior, and high school, sourcing students from the town of Tornillo and the surrounding rural areas.


  • Provide a reliable and secure wireless network for students and staff
  • Enable mobile learning and remote access to educational resources
  • Manage network infrastructure with limited resources and budget
"ExtremeCloud IQ is a major tool we can use to see the devices on the wireless and understand what they're trying to access. We're seeing where all the bandwidth is going and understand what the students are trying to access, what we need to block, and what devices are trying to get on the network - especially outside devices that we don't want on our network."
Christopher Escarsega
Network Administrator, Tornillo ISD

Extreme Solutions

  • ExtremeCloud™ IQ
  • Extreme Wireless™



Reliable and Secure Wireless Network

  • With Extreme Networks' Wi-Fi access points and switches, the Tornillo Independent School District was able to provide its students and staff with reliable, high-speed wireless access to support mobile learning and remote access to educational resources.
  • Extreme Networks' solutions also provided the district with the security features it needed to protect its network from unauthorized access and cyber threats.

Simplified Network Management

  • ExtremeCloud IQ enabled the district's IT team to manage its network infrastructure from a single pane of glass, simplifying network management, and reduce burden on IT staff.
  • The district's IT team was also able to remotely troubleshoot network issues, minimizing downtime and ensuring that students and staff always had access to the resources they needed.

Affordable and Scalable Solution

  • Extreme Networks' solutions were affordable and scalable, enabling the Tornillo Independent School District to expand its wireless network infrastructure as needed to meet the ever-increasing demand for Wi-Fi connectivity.