King Chavez Neighborhood of Schools Powers Digital Learning

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King Chavez Neighborhood of Schools is a family of five free public charter schools in the San Diego, California area, serving more than 1,500 students from transitional kindergarten (TK) through 12th grade. While KCNS provides a broad range of learning opportunities and activities, like many other school systems, it has learned how to leverage technology to further enrich the learning and teaching experiences.



  • Upgraded infrastructure for ongoing network quality and IT support challenges
  • Provide every student and teacher with laptops and/or iPads to participate in classroom activities, access the learning management system, participate in online testing, etc
  • Transition all systems to new network including security systems, HVAC systems, fire alarms, and other operations technology
  • Compatibility with a server-less network
"It has been a pleasure to work with Extreme. I came from a Cisco shop originally and haven’t looked back since transitioning to Extreme."
Carlos Salazar
Director of Technology and Innovation, King Chavez Neighborhood of Schools

Extreme Solutions

  • Extreme Wireless™
  • ExtremeSwitching™
  • ExtremeCloud™ IQ
  • ExtremeAnalytics™



Improved Network Performance and Management

  • Running a serverless network, King Chavez needed a robust solution that could handle the traffic at the switches without impacting performance
  • ExtremeAnalytics delivers data for Board reports and day-to-day operations, helping IT ensure the network is operating efficiently and provide usage data to allow fine-tuning of the network
  • ExtremeCloudIQ provides visibility into the entire network, allowing IT to troubleshoot or adjust the network as needed, anytime, anywhere

Reliable Connectivity

  • The Extreme network ensures consistent, high-performance, secure connections for 15,000 school and personal devices used by the 2,200 teachers, students, and staff
  • The new infrastructure created trust in the network from both a user and IT perspective, with reliable connectivity and fast downloads, supporting a first-rate digital learning experience
  • Fewer connectivity issues mean the small IT team can manage the network and user experience easily

Attentive and Personalized Sales and Support

  • Extreme’s sales team catered directly to King Chavez, addressing how Extreme solutions would enable the IT team to achieve its specific and unique technology goals. During the selection process, other vendors focused on bells and whistles King Chavez would likely never need
  • Extreme’s rep spoke with King Chavez directly on a daily basis leading up to the installation to ensure all equipment arrived in time to have the network fully operational for the first day of school
  • When two switches went down, along with backup switches, Extreme delivered new switches the next day to ensure all network access would be available without delay