Extreme Delivers Reliable Data Center Network Experiences


Do more with less time and resources by seamlessly configuring tenant services across even the largest fabrics, revolutionizing network efficiency with self-forming and self-provisioning fabrics that can streamline the configuration process in just seconds.


Transform IT operations by utilizing wired and wireless solutions that are integrated with advanced cloud management technology, simplifying everything from implementation to maintenance.

Portfolio Breadth

Tailor the network with ease by selecting from a collection of high-performance top-of-rack switches, core switches, and border routers designed for large and small data centers, ideal for enterprises and service providers alike.

Data Center Key Functionality​

Extreme provides best in class fabric networking solutions tailored to individual use cases. Customers can choose between the highly scalable and programmable IP Fabric or the automated and unifying Fabric Connect. By utilizing Extreme's fabric networking solutions, organizations can streamline operations and achieve their business objectives.

By incorporating advanced automation capabilities, Extreme IP Fabric and Extreme Fabric solutions streamline the deployment and provisioning of network services.

ExtremeCloud IQ offers two options for managing network equipment: cloud-based management with powerful capabilities and a consistent user experience through ExtremeCloud IQ, or on-premise management with the ExtremeCloud IQ Site Engine solution.

Extreme switches and routers support onboard applications that can run simultaneously with the switch or router operating system while maintaining optimal performance, allowing organizations to easily deploy Extreme or third-party applications to improve network functionality without additional hardware. This saves power, cooling, and rack space for a cost-effective networking solution.

To enhance the quality of experience for critical data center applications and reduce latency, it is essential to optimize both east/west and north/south traffic flows. Extreme's fabric solutions offer distributed virtual routing and powerful anycast gateway capabilities to support this goal. Additionally, high-powered border routing complements these capabilities.

Extreme's networking solutions can be seamlessly integrated with a variety of systems, including hypervisor providers, storage solutions, security partners, and IoT vendors. This holistic approach allows for a comprehensive management of a multi-vendor environment.