Extreme Labs

Where Creativity, Collaboration, and Cutting-Edge Technology Converge

Welcome to Extreme Labs

Extreme Labs is a new incubation and innovation hub designed to showcase Extreme technology as it becomes closer to commercial availability.

Creating Innovative Solutions

Developing new ways to revolutionize IT operations and simplify network management.

Elevating User Experiences

Finding solutions to the challenges IT teams face every day.

Solving IT Challenges

Making user experiences simple, intuitive, and seamless to enhance efficiency.

What Is Extreme Labs?

Extreme Labs was created as a space where the future of IT can be imagined, innovated, created, and tested. Made up of the innovative minds from our Office of the Chief Technology Officer (OCTO) and experts throughout Extreme, the team brings together diverse expertise to create prototypes that push technological limits and solve IT challenges. 


Technology Preview 

To address some of the major challenges modern IT teams face, Extreme Labs has been working on a new generative AI solution that will help streamline the network management process. Extreme AI Expert is a conversational agent designed to simplify the complex world of network management by providing your team with instant, detailed solutions to network problems.

Extreme AI Expert will harness the power of nearly 1 million technical documents to quickly understand and provide actionable insights to your IT team. By tapping into this vast knowledgebase, the generative AI solution promises to significantly reduce time spent searching for solutions, empowering your team to operate with agility. 

Extreme AI Expert will continuously collect and analyze operational data, enriching the AI with an understanding of your network performance, user behavior, and emerging trends, allowing it to offer personalized recommendations tailored to your organization's needs. 

With actionable insights, Extreme AI Expert will empower proactive decision-making, ensure uninterrupted operations, and facilitate streamlined planning and optimization processes, ultimately driving innovation and strategic growth.