What's New with ExtremeCloud IQ? The Latest on Wi-Fi Mapping and Visualization


Wi-Fi is no longer a nice-to-have, it’s an indispensable utility, seamlessly woven into our daily lives. Once connected, users anticipate an uninterrupted online experience where the flow of information is constant and reliable. However, as technology marches forward, so does the demands on our networks. With each innovation comes the challenge of integrating it into existing infrastructure, ensuring that the network remains robust and capable of accommodating the ever-expanding array of devices and services vying for bandwidth.

How Can You Manage Your Wireless Network?

Managing your wireless network effectively is crucial for maintaining the seamless connectivity that users demand. ExtremeCloud IQ offers a comprehensive solution designed to streamline the management of wireless networks, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.

One standout new feature of ExtremeCloud IQ is its Wi-Fi Mapping functionality, which provides users with a visual overview of their network infrastructure. This feature allows administrators to identify and analyze the placement of access points and tri radios, facilitating efficient network planning and optimization.

With direct access to device views and client 360-degree perspectives, administrators can visualize client roaming in real-time. This innovative approach enables rapid identification and resolution of connectivity issues, minimizing downtime and ensuring a consistently reliable network experience for users. By leveraging ExtremeCloud IQ's advanced features, organizations can effectively manage their wireless networks to meet the demands of today's dynamic digital landscape.


Typical View of Wi-Fi Maps and Floor Plans

Wi-Fi mapping gives administrators a visual representation of their network infrastructure, allowing for efficient planning and optimization. Floor plans are uploaded, enabling users to identify access points and analyze coverage areas.

ExtremeCloud IQ offers unparalleled scalability for real-time visualization in environments with high device density. Administrators can effectively manage large-scale deployments with support for over 500 access points on a single floor and floor plans up to one square kilometer.


3-D Visualization, Client-Centric Management

ExtremeCloud IQ's 3-D visualization feature enhances understanding by providing a client-centric perspective. By visualizing data from the viewpoint of mobile devices, administrators can ensure that the network is optimized for user experience, regardless of device location. By reimagining network maps to reflect the perspective of end-user devices, ExtremeCloud IQ ensures that administrators can accurately assess and optimize network performance for mobile devices.


What Does This View Mean for IT Teams?

The detailed view provided by ExtremeCloud IQ's Wi-Fi mapping feature empowers IT teams to monitor network performance in real-time. By visualizing Wi-Fi, IoT, and RSSI coverage, administrators can quickly identify areas of concern and proactively address potential issues. This enables them to provide a seamless, always-on experience that users expect.

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