Pioneering Outdoor Connectivity with the 6 GHz Spectrum


The 6 GHz spectrum is the future of connectivity, especially in venues where seamless, high-speed internet access is critical to operations and fan experiences. Extreme Networks is a leading figure in outdoor 6 GHz connectivity, breaking ground in innovation. Extreme recently announced that it is the first vendor to deploy outdoor 6 GHz Wi-Fi with standard power grants, revolutionizing the potential for faster speeds, broader coverage, and enhanced capacity in outdoor settings.

Collaborating with Wi-Fi Alliance Services, Extreme has empowered notable establishments like BYU, Cedar Fair, and the San Francisco Giants with uninterrupted 6 GHz Wi-Fi connectivity. Extreme's Wi-Fi access points are meticulously designed to tackle the unique challenges posed by outdoor environments such as stadiums, concert venues, and university campuses.

Unveiling 6 GHz Wi-Fi in Outdoor Environments

The 6 GHz spectrum has brought a new era of seamless, high-performance networking. Offering an array of benefits, including lower latency, uninterrupted connectivity, and enhanced device performance, 6 GHz Wi-Fi revolutionizes the user experiences.

Last month, Extreme announced that it’s the first vendor with outdoor Wi-Fi 6E deployments to receive a 6 GHz standard power grant – allowing customers to leverage faster speeds, increased range of coverage, and expanded capacity for outdoor connectivity.

At our recent user conference, Extreme Connect, our CTO and CPO, Nabil Bukhari, shared insights that underscore the transformative impact of 6 GHz Wi-Fi, highlighting Extreme's pioneering role in bringing enterprise-grade Wi-Fi APs to the forefront.


Cedar Fairs

Cedar Fair Entertainment Company, a powerhouse in the amusement park industry with over 27 million guests each year, is at the forefront of technological innovation by adopting Extreme Wi-Fi 6E. Ty Tastepe, Cedar Fair's Chief Information Officer, emphasizes the transformative impact of this blazing-fast network, which brings seamless connectivity to its parks.

Focusing on enhancing real-time monitoring of ride performance, park infrastructure, and crowd management, Cedar Fair leverages Extreme Wi-Fi to optimize energy usage and elevate the guest experience to unprecedented heights. As one of the first outdoor 6 GHz venues in the US, Cedar Fair demonstrates its commitment to staying ahead of the curve, ensuring seamless connectivity for associates and guests alike, whether at work or play.

By working with Extreme, we are one of the first deployed outdoor 6 GHz venues in the nation, providing our associates and guests with next-generation connectivity whether at work or play.
Ty Tastepe
CIO, Cedar Fairs

San Francisco Giants

Transitioning from an antiquated system to a cutting-edge Wi-Fi network, the Giants are leaders in enhancing fan connectivity and experience. The stadium IT team deployed 879 new Wi-Fi 6E access points to deliver unparalleled connectivity to fans at every corner of their ballpark. The Giants boast a future-proof network, ensuring that fans will continue to enjoy seamless connectivity as technology advances.

Beyond the surface-level benefits of accessing scores and highlights, the network's true value lies in keeping fans engaged throughout the entirety of the game. The ability for fans to stay connected to whatever they want, including the popularly identified fantasy football apps and other sports apps, underscores the importance of robust connectivity. Through their partnership with Extreme, the Giants are enhancing the in-stadium experience and adapting to modern sports fans' evolving needs.

We have a future-proof network here, and Extreme has been an amazing partner, helping to enhance that connectivity and the experience for our fans.
Bill Schlough
CIO, San Francisco Giants


BYU is dedicated to innovation and elevating the gameday experience by deploying Wi-Fi 6E at their stadium. Embracing this cutting-edge technology represents a significant leap forward in providing fans with seamless connectivity and access to many features. From real-time instant replays to streaming live action and sharing memorable moments on social media, the Wi-Fi experience at BYU's stadium promises to create a frictionless experience for fans.

BYU is not only leading the way for universities with 6 GHz connectivity but also shaping the future of fan engagement. BYU's strategic partnership with Extreme exemplifies its commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements in sports venues, ultimately enhancing the overall gameday experience for fans and stakeholders alike.

By partnering with Extreme, we're not just building networks, we're shaping the future.
Casey Stauffer
Associate Athletic Director, Corporate Sponsorships at BYU

Shaping the Future of Wireless Connectivity

Beyond Wi-Fi 6E, Extreme recently launched Wi-Fi 7 APs, promising even more advanced features and capabilities. Extreme's commitment to leading the charge in 6 GHz-based Wi-Fi ensures the delivery of seamless experiences, enabling applications like AR and VR with unprecedented reliability and bandwidth. As Wi-Fi evolves from a mere convenience to a mission-critical technology, Extreme continues to provide flexibility and innovation, empowering users to deploy Wi-Fi solutions tailored to their specific needs and preferences.

Using 6 GHz for outdoor Wi-Fi isn't just about expanding coverage — it's about unleashing connectivity and transforming outdoor spaces into hubs of innovation and next-gen experiences. Extreme continues to lead the market around 6 GHz and best-in-class connectivity.
Nabil Bukhari
CTO and CPO, Extreme Networks
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