What You Need to Know About Wi-Fi 7


Wi-Fi is ingrained in our everyday lives and is one of the most widely deployed, ubiquitous technologies in the world. The latest generation, Wi-Fi 7, will provide the increased bandwidth, capacity, and extremely high-speed throughput businesses need to succeed.

Did you you know?

  • Uplink ports on Wi-Fi 7 products are 10x the speed of earlier generations
  • More than 233 million Wi-Fi 7 devices are expected by the end of 2024
  • Over 13 million enterprise-grade Wi-Fi 7 access points are expected by 2027

Here’s what you need to know about the latest generation of Wi-Fi.

What You Need to Know About Wi-Fi 7

What is Wi-Fi 7?

Wi-Fi 7 is the seventh generation of Wi-Fi. It is based on the forthcoming IEEE standard 802.11be, known as Extremely High Throughput (EHT). Built on previous generations of Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi 7 will be backward compatible with and include new capabilities to reduce latency, increase throughput, and continue to boost stability and efficiency.

Just as previous generations of Wi-Fi enabled groundbreaking technological advancements, Wi-Fi 7 and subsequent versions will pave the way for technologies that were once the stuff of imagination. Augmented reality (AR) for telesurgery and training, the Metaverse, 8K streaming, and cloud gaming are set to become routine elements of our daily lives, much like the smartphone in your pocket.

As we transition into the era of 6 GHz Wi-Fi connectivity, an investment in Wi-Fi 7 technologies could future-proof your network for the next five years. Utilizing the 6 GHz spectrum is crucial for enhancing bandwidth and capacity, reducing network latency, and most importantly, ensuring a superior quality Wi-Fi user experience.

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