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Working in IT means addressing constant challenges. With more devices and users to connect, more applications to support, rising threats, a continuous stream of new tickets, escalating workloads, a dwindling workforce, and expanding IT responsibilities, IT faces more complexity than ever. That is why innovation is more critical than ever; IT teams must find new ways to achieve better outcomes.

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The why of Extreme is to find new ways for better outcomes. For better outcomes for our customers. For their customers. For our partners. And for humanity as a whole. For technology is nothing if it is not in the service of humanity.
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Data to the Rescue

Data is a powerful tool. It provides crucial insights needed to navigate complexity with clarity and confidence. It can empower IT teams to make informed decisions, ensuring they are on the right path amid increasing threats and the need to maintain network performance. By leveraging analytics and insights, IT professionals can prioritize tasks effectively, allocate resources efficiently, and anticipate future needs with precision, enabling them to be proactive rather than reactive.

How To Manage Mass Amounts of Data

Empowering overworked and understaffed IT teams with data is not just a matter of accessing information but also effectively managing its abundance. The volume of data can often seem overwhelming, requiring considerable time, expertise, and collaboration to harness its potential. This challenge is compounded by the need for quick resolutions and timely reactions, a demand that can strain even the most capable teams.

This is where AI can help, sifting through vast datasets to identify correlations, expedite resolutions, and empower IT professionals with real-time insights. By leveraging AI-driven analytics, IT teams can streamline workflows, analyze data efficiently, and make informed decisions quickly, without the need to manually sort and analyze large amounts of data.


Combining Data and AI To Gain Insights is Like Gold for IT Teams

Leveraging data and AI for network management is further enhanced with Extreme AI Expert, a technology being previewed by Extreme Labs. This innovative tool harnesses network data layered with insights gleaned from technical documents, empowering organizations with actionable insights. By combining data from APs and devices with the 700,000+ document knowledge base, Extreme AI Expert promises to simplify IT workloads, reducing time spent troubleshooting.

This solution isn't just about providing information; it's about providing insights derived from the data and information, enabling the system to provide swift decision-making capabilities. This enables real IT teams to address problems faster than ever before.


Reporting is Good. Action is Better.

Extreme AI Expert offers a comprehensive overview of network configurations and performance, leveraging AI to analyze data and provide actionable recommendations. By reviewing access point configurations and cross-referencing them with a knowledge base, Extreme AI Expert delivers precise recommendations for optimization or issue resolution. This not only alleviates IT stress by streamlining troubleshooting processes but also enhances operational efficiency by offering one-click automation for remediation.

With the ability to execute recommendations at will, IT teams gain unprecedented control over network management, allowing them to focus on strategic initiatives while Extreme AI Expert handles the intricacies of configuration and optimization autonomously. The system's continuous improvement ensures that automation capabilities evolve over time, providing tailored solutions that adapt to the network environment's dynamic needs.


Data and AI Will Transform IT

Data and AI are working hand in hand to revolutionize how organizations operate. Data provides the foundation for informed decisions, while AI enhances efficiency and problem-solving. Together, they enable organizations to address challenges swiftly and effectively. With data and AI on our side, we're equipped to navigate today's complexities with confidence, ensuring better outcomes for everyone involved.

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