What is AI? How Artificial Intelligence is a Game-Changer in Today's Society


AI is changing how we work and live, standing out as a game-changer in productivity and simplifying workloads. It's no longer a buzzword; Artificial Intelligence is making a serious impact in our lives. As Microsoft AI's renowned Chief Data Officer Eduardo Kassner shared at Extreme Connect, "AI was not born yesterday."

AI roots trace back to the 1950s, but until recently, it remained largely impractical, reserved for theory rather than application. The barriers were high, demanding a large investment of resources, expertise, and finances, forcing many AI projects to be lower priority or infeasible. But now, tech companies have more time and resources to allocate to AI solutions, making AI practical and enabling it to take shape in various ways that are transforming the way we work, live, and get things done.


So, What Is AI Exactly?

But what exactly is AI? Simply put, it's when machines do tasks that usually require human intelligence. From personalized ads to traffic lights and medical breakthroughs like COVID-19 vaccines, AI is everywhere, as Joachim De Vos of Living Tomorrow highlighted in the clip below. It's already a part of our daily lives, making suggestions on streaming platforms and enhancing various digital experiences.


How Have We Already Seen AI Evolve?

AI has already showcased its transformative power, benefiting organizations worldwide. Leveraging AI enables organizations to streamline operations, make informed decisions, and foster innovation. Whether automating repetitive tasks, analyzing vast amounts of data to uncover insights, or enhancing customer experiences, AI drives efficiency and effectiveness across various sectors.

Reflecting on how far AI has come, we can witness its evolution firsthand. In the video below, a robot equipped with OpenAI's ChatGPT interacts with a human, seamlessly engaging in dialogue and performing tasks. This interaction showcases the potential of AI to not only understand human queries but also respond intelligently and execute actions.


How Will AI Impact Networking?

AI is reshaping industries by fueling efficiency and productivity. Extreme AI Expert, a cutting-edge technology preview from Extreme Labs, accelerates IT operations by automating tasks and providing precise insights. It integrates operational data and ensures continuous improvement through user feedback. With AI transforming IT one use case at a time, Extreme AI Expert leads the way to a more streamlined and effective future in networking.

Fears and Hesitations Around AI Adoption

The apprehensions surrounding AI adoption are understandable, as organizations often grapple with fear when embracing new technologies. However, succumbing to these fears could lead to your organization lagging in an increasingly competitive landscape. It's crucial to address common misconceptions about AI, such as the notion that it's here to replace human jobs when, in reality, many AI solutions' true purposes are to simplify tasks so humans can be more productive.

Resistance to change can impede progress, hindering organizations from realizing the full potential of AI. By exploring and understanding these fears, businesses can overcome barriers to innovation and embrace the opportunities presented by emerging technologies. De Vos highlights the three common fears he has identified: customer perception, disruption to existing channels, and the discomfort individuals may feel when faced with innovation. It serves as a reminder to approach technological advancements with careful consideration and an open mindset, acknowledging the potential challenges while embracing the possibilities they bring.


Don't Let Fear of Change Hold You Back

It's essential to confront and overcome these fears surrounding AI adoption, ensuring they don't hinder progress. Integrating AI into your processes offers many benefits, freeing time and effort while enhancing efficiency and productivity. Highlighting the need for proactive engagement with AI technologies, Intel's As Eric McLaughlin from Intel puts it, "Use it, learn it, do it, and have fun with it."

On the same panel, Microsoft's Eduardo Kassner underscored the importance of experimentation and adaptation in the face of technological advancements. Kassner talked about how, with innovation, there are two types of people: those who try out the latest technologies like AI solutions, experience them, and figure out how to integrate them effectively, and those who watch the first group. His advice? "Don't be in the second group."

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