How AI and Dynamic Learning Models are Helping IT Teams Solve Problems Faster


Time is one of the most valuable assets IT teams have. With limited budgets, resources, and staff, saving time on tasks and increasing productivity is more critical than ever. That is why Extreme Labs focuses on creating solutions that address real-world use cases and challenges that IT teams face today.

Extreme AI Expert, Extreme Labs' first technology preview, is a solution that will help IT teams save time sifting through countless technical documents to find answers. The generative AI solution enables teams to enter a prompt of their challenges and get recommendations on how to address them. But what makes this different than any other AI solution on the market? Extreme AI Expert is built on Extreme's database of technical documents and a dynamic learning model ensures information and data are constantly updating and evolving faster than any human can.

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We want to help you solve problems that exist today and save you time.
Nabil Bukhari
Chief Product and Technology Officer, GM of Subscription Business