Introducing Extreme Labs' First Technology Preview: Extreme AI Expert


Extreme Labs is an innovative hub dedicated to developing cutting-edge technologies that address current IT challenges and shape the future of networking. Extreme Labs is thrilled to showcase its first technology preview, Extreme AI Expert, a generative AI solution that will simplify network management and save time sorting through endless documentation.


It All Starts with a Use Case

Navigating the AI landscape demands a focused approach. Experts like Eduardo Kassner of Microsoft and Eric McLaughlin of Intel advise starting by identifying what problem you want AI to solve and the value you aim to drive with it. AI isn't a magic wand; it's a tool with incredible potential, but only if wielded purposefully. If AI doesn't serve the purpose you need it to, it is like a car without fuel – it isn't going anywhere.

There are scenarios that are incredibly useful, but you have to break the trust component and make sure you are targeting specific use cases, otherwise it is overwhelming, and you won't make any progress.
Eduardo Kassner
Chief Data and AI Officer, Microsoft

So, don't get lost in the hype. AI holds promise but isn't a one-size-fits-all solution, and trust is key. That is why our AI panel at our recent user conference urged starting with specific use cases. In Extreme Labs instance, the use case is accelerating troubleshooting processes, enabling quick problem remediation, and freeing IT time to focus on strategic initiatives.

Extreme AI Expert is being designed to make IT easier. Picture this: you're searching for specific information buried in 700,000 technical documents. Even for the speediest researcher, it is a time-consuming task. That is where Extreme AI Expert will come in; the AI-powered solution can help you find answers in a fraction of the time so that you can resolve the issue faster and move on to the next big project.

Prompt is the New Search

With Extreme AI Expert, we will introduce a powerful prompt feature to revolutionize your search experience. Gone are the days of endless scrolling and keyword searches; simply ask a question, and Extreme AI Expert will swiftly sift through our extensive database of technical documents to provide you with a precise and tailored response.

Integrating Operational Data

But it doesn't stop at documentation—Extreme AI Expert will go a step further by integrating operational data. This feature allows the AI to tap into operational data to understand the network environment and tailor the recommendations truly. The technical documentation blended with the operational data that provides the context of your environment offers better accuracy. The AI can analyze, process, and present the data in a relevant, actionable way so that IT teams can act fast because seconds matter when it comes to security and network operations.

The really cool thing that you're seeing here, which is not fair for Extreme to talk about themselves, is that you're within the context of the documentation, but also within the context of your environment. If you try another AI solution generically, you would not get something this accurate or relevant, which again goes into the value of this.
Eduardo Kassner
Chief Data and AI Officer, Microsoft

Data Visualization

Extreme AI Expert will be a multimodal AI solution capable of understanding more than just text. The AI solution comprehends pictures, graphics, videos, and topology. As Markus explains in the video below, this multimodal AI system is particularly relevant for day two operations, where troubleshooting and network optimization are critical. Imagine conversing with Extreme AI Expert, effortlessly transitioning from text-based queries to requesting visual representations of data distribution across access points.


But it's not just about understanding—Extreme AI Expert will also help with data visualization and report generation. It will be able to dynamically create and update graphs in minutes, providing invaluable insights and recommendations. Extreme AI Expert will empower users to generate custom reports on demand, saving time and resources. 


Reporting is Good, Action is Better

Extreme AI Expert will go beyond providing insights—it will help analyze configurations and make recommendations. As Markus explains in the video below, the system can analyze access point configurations and provide recommendations based on the analysis, with references to knowledge base articles. This will help users understand the rationale behind the recommendations and ensures transparency and reliability.

Extreme AI Expert will continuously evolve, with plans to introduce one-click remediation for automated task execution. Imagine receiving a recommendation, agreeing with it, and then letting the system handle the rest with just a click. It's all about empowering users to take action and drive efficiency. With Extreme AI Expert, you have full control over the level of automation, giving you the flexibility to decide how much you want to automate. So whether you're a seasoned IT professional or a newcomer, Extreme AI Expert has you covered, offering personalized recommendations and automation tailored to your needs.


Constantly Improving Through the Feedback Loop

While AI is a game-changer, it's essential to recognize that it won't always be 100% accurate—and that's okay. But what happens if you receive a response from Extreme AI Expert that you're not entirely satisfied with? You will be able to tell the tool so it can improve for future reference. Extreme AI Expert welcomes your feedback, as it is invaluable in improving the system over time. Every piece of feedback helps measure and enhance responses' accuracy, relevance, and completeness.


AI Is Transforming IT, One Use Case at a Time

AI is reshaping industries and fueling unprecedented productivity and efficiency. Extreme AI Expert is being designed to streamline IT operations, starting with targeted use cases like accelerating troubleshooting processes and freeing time for strategic initiatives. With features like the prompt search function, operational data integration, multimodal AI capabilities, and automated task execution, Extreme AI Expert will empower users to make informed decisions and drive efficiency. Extreme AI Expert will continuously improve through user feedback, ensuring accuracy and relevance. As AI transforms IT one use case at a time, Extreme AI Expert leads towards a more streamlined and effective future.

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