Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion


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At Extreme, we believe people are our most important asset. We manage our human capital guided by our core values of Candor, Transparency, Curiosity, Teamwork, Ownership, and Inclusion.

The Extreme Networks Diversity Equity & Inclusion Council (DEI Council) oversees our diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts, including supporting our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs). We believe that giving voice to diversity allows us to gain valuable perspectives to drive better decision making. Our framework is structured around career, culture, community, and commerce. Our ERGs present opportunities for employees of diverse backgrounds to practice leadership skills, gain greater visibility throughout the organization, and share personal experiences.

Our ERGs are extremely active, having offered over 100 events during the past fiscal year. Advancing diversity in the workplace is a high priority for Extreme. In our Corporate Social Responsibility report on Extreme.com, we have published goals and tracking around gender and racial diversity.