Stadium & Venue Network Solutions

Discover IT Solutions For Sports & Entertainment

Experience Gameday Like Never Before

Extreme Networks delivers secure, flexible, and agile solutions that sports and venues around the world use to transform fan experiences.

Enhancing Fan Engagement

Enable seamless digital experiences for fans so they can share moments on social media, access real-time stats, and engage with personalized content.

Streamlining Venue Operations

Support event-day operations by connecting mobile ticketing, security devices, and POS systems and access data-driven insights to improve planning.

Increasing Revenue

Inform decision making with network analytics that provide insight into guest behavior, empowering your team to make revenue boosting decisions.

What We Deliver to Sports and Entertainment Venues

Provide fast, secure, converged wired and wireless venue connectivity.

Collect mobile and application engagement data of connected users/devices during games and events amd devise actionable plans from network-driven business intelligence.

Deliver compelling, personalized guest offerings; identify tactics to augment game day operations.

Enhance the fan experience, improve operating efficiency, grow revenue.