Wisconsin Center District Turns IT Department Into a Profit Center

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The Wisconsin Center District is a convention, meeting, and event space in Milwaukee that has three diverse facility types including an exhibit hall, a sports arena, and a theatre. In order to remain competitive within their industry, the WCD looked into ways that technology could help them differentiate themselves from other venues.



  • A strong network infrastructure that will enable the venue to differentiate itself from competitors
  • A connection that reaches throughout the three unique venues within the WCD
  • The ability to track clients as they move throughout the building to provide stronger insights to enhance all visitor’s experiences
"We will continue to use Extreme products because I think they innovate very well, and they are always coming out with the newest technologies. We really enjoy the collaboration we have with Extreme. Their support has been top-notch for us and we work very well with them. That really makes our job easier when we are trying to support our clients and guests."
Steve Totzke
VP Information Technology, Wisconsin Center District

Extreme Solutions

  • ExtremeWireless™
  • ExtremeCloud™ IQ on AWS



Enhanced Visitor Experience

  • Access to data that enables them to make informed decisions to enhance visitor experience
  • Tools to help them address potential threats to connectivity before visitor’s devices are impacted

Gained Competitive Advantage

  • The ability to differentiate themselves from competitors due to the unique insights they can provide from their network

Simplified Network Management

  • Through ExtremeCloud IQ on AWS, WCD can manage the network in real time to better predict and address network performance issues