Transforming Sports & Public Venues: Connectivity to Actionable Insights

Sports Innovation Lab

When attending a game or event, guests expect a fast and stable mobile experience.  This baseline goal has grown and evolved substantially, as more customer-facing and back-of-house assets are digitized in venue environments, relying on critical IT network solutions more than ever before.

How organizations and venues are able to leverage connectivity data is the new frontier.

Developed by Sports Innovation Lab, this research report explores how actionable IT insights and analytics can better understand fans and generate new revenue streams, by exploring three key questions:

  • Where are the data and insights coming from?
  • What does the data tell us?
  • Why is it valuable now and in the future?

With insights from technology leaders and real-world analytics examples, this report shows how data impacts operations, marketing, and information technology and how it can inform your overarching venue technology strategy.

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