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Enhancing the In-Venue Experience One Fan at a Time

Average Number of Unique Wi-Fi Clients Per Game, ‘17-’18 NFL Season
Online Adults Use Public Wi-Fi Networks
Data Transferred Across Wi-Fi at Super Bowl LII

Why Extreme Networks for Sports & Public Venues

Whether it’s in an open-air stadium or an enclosed arena, professional sports or public university, secure and reliable venue Wi-Fi connectivity is now a fan expectation and an integral part of any quality game day experience.    

Extreme’s software-driven, secure, and smart network infrastructure is purposely engineered to meet the unique, demanding requirements of high-density public environments.  Our solutions consider the strategic goals of the organization and the specific physical characteristics of the venue, delivering robust Wi-Fi solutions to meet the expectations of highly-connected fans and to support the mission-critical operations of the organization.     

For these reasons, Extreme has earned the designation of the Official Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Analytics Provider of the National Football League, including 11 NFL venues using our stadium Wi-Fi technology and an additional 17 NFL teams using our Wi-Fi analytics technology.   

How Does Extreme Networks Power the NFL?

Learn how Extreme’s in-stadium network technologies enhance the game day experience.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers Elevate the Game-Day Experience with Fan-Facing Wi-Fi

Already considered the #1 Stadium in the NFL for in-venue technology, the Buccaneers now have a powerful business asset to meet the demands of their fanbase and their organization.
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Sports & Entertainment Venues Case Studies

New England Patriots


fans connecting to Wi-Fi each game;


Wireless APs installed in-stadium; 

8.1 TBs

Peak Data Transferred via Wi-Fi

Carolina Hurricanes


events hosted in-venue annually;


million visitors to the arena annually;


average number of unique Wi-Fi users per event

Seattle Seahawks: Invests in High-Density Wi-Fi for World-Class Connectivity


people in-stadium per game


Average Unique Wi-Fi Users Per Game; 


Peak Wi-Fi Users at Single Event

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