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Extreme’s Data Center Networking solutions enhance user experience while simplifying overall operations​


Do more with less with fabric networks that can self-form and self-provision within seconds. Configure tenant services effortlessly across large or small fabrics within minutes. ​


Combine our leading switch hardware with next-generation cloud management to simplify every aspect of IT operation, from deployment to support​

Portfolio Breadth

Choose from a vast portfolio of top of rack, core switches and  border routers to suit large and small data centers for both enterprises and service providers.  

Extreme Data Center Networking Key Functionality​


As a leader in fabric networking, Extreme offers a flexible portfolio of Ethernet and IP fabrics. Whether you are looking for a highly scalable, programmable technology, or a plug and play solution that extends end to end, we have the Data Center networking solution to meet your requirements.​

Fabric Automation​

Extreme’s IP and Ethernet Fabrics contain powerful embedded automation capabilities that simplify the deployment and provisioning of network services without any costly or complicated external controllers.​

Powerful Centralized Management

Extreme Data Center switches and routers support powerful management capabilities through the Extreme Management Center suite of applications, with ongoing integration into our ExtremeCloud IQ, cloud managed networking solution for cloud and hybrid management options.​

Efficient Traffic Optimization​

Optimize east /west as well as north/ south traffic flows to reduce latency and enhance quality of experience for critical data center applications. Supported through powerful anycast gateway/ Distributed Virtual Routing capabilities within Extreme’s IP and Ethernet-based fabrics and complemented by high powered border routing. ​

Broad Eco-System​

Extreme’s switching and routing solutions seamlessly integrate with hypervisor providers, storage solutions, security partners and even IoT vendors. Through these integrations, Extreme provides you with a networking solution that can be managed holistically in a multi-vendor environment.​

Integrated Application Hosting​

Extreme switches and routers support onboard applications, that can run along-side the switch OS, without impacting performance. This enables organizations to deploy Extreme or third-party applications directly on the switch for security, monitoring, troubleshooting or extended network functionality without a separate hardware device - saving power, cooling and rack space.​

Comprehensive Analytics/AI/ML-driven insights​

Rich application telemetry combined with ExtremeAnalytics provide comprehensive network and application analytics. With on-going integration into ExtremeCloud IQ, powerful AI/ML-based insights offer the ability to fine-tuning the network, before issues become service impacting.​

Rich DevOps Capabilities ​

Extreme Data Center switches offer a highly programmable Operating System with support for REST APIs with the YANG data model, Python, NetConf and Chef.​

Innovation is in our Fabric

Enterprises want their networks to do more faster, with improved security and resiliency, and reduced complexity.  Fabric Networking is the state-of-the-art solution.  Extreme Networks is the leading networking vendor with a portfolio of fabric technologies, allowing you to choose the solution that best meets your use case and network requirements:

Extreme Fabric Connect:​

  • Network simplification
  • Automated fabric deployment
  • Extension network-wide
  • Multitenancy with ease
  • Network segmentation at scale
  • PIM-free multicast
  • Broad eco-system

Extreme IP Fabric:​

  • Hyper Automation fabric deployment​
  • Tenant services configurable in minutes​
  • 5G Micro Data Centers to very large Data Centers​
  • Programmable OS and rich APIs​
  • Multi-vendor interoperability​
  • Broad eco-system​

SLX 9250

Compact fixed form, purpose-built 32 x 100/40 GbE cost-effective Spine Switches with built-in Extreme Fabric Automation designed for the needs of Enterprise data centers and service providers.

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