Modernizing the Stadium Experience – Lumen Field's Winning Strategy


Lumen Field was recently named the #1 NFL Stadium in the USA Today Best Readers' Choice Awards for 2023! This achievement is a source of pride not only for Seahawks fans but also for us at Extreme. Lumen Field was able to elevate to a winning fan experience with the help of Extreme Wi-Fi, network analytics, and a strong network strategy.

Over the past ten years, Lumen Field has made significant strides in enhancing the fan experience through technology and modernization. The organization has recognized the growing importance of technology in transforming both the operational and fan-facing aspects of the stadium.

With a strong network backbone, Lumen Field has been able to provide reliable Wi-Fi connectivity through the stadium to support various initiatives that aim to make the fan experience better and more convenient. From cashless payments to mobile ticketing, the stadium has genuinely embraced the idea of creating a seamless, connected experience for fans.

Fan-Facing Wireless Connectivity

Lumen Field has undergone a huge transformation in the past decade, evolving from a venue with limited Wi-Fi accessibility, originally just for back-of-house operations and a few suites, to a hub of connectivity.

In today's world, people don't just want to attend the game; they want to share the experience with the world. Fans don't just want Wi-Fi; they are expecting it to be able to access sports betting, check in on their fantasy football team, stay updated on other games happening across the league, and instantly share memorable moments on social media. The availability of a seamless network has become as essential as offering food and restrooms in stadiums.


Insights Into Fan Behavior

Analytics play a pivotal role in both the sports and business aspects of stadium operations, driving the pursuit of efficiency and an enhanced fan experience. Network data has provided the Seahawks IT team with valuable insights into how fans interact with our network, the apps they use, the streaming services they prefer, and their bandwidth consumption patterns. This data allows the team to tailor the overall fan experience, making it more personalized and efficient.

As the team looks to the future, their goal is to continue to individualize the experience for each fan, allowing them to choose how they interact with the Seahawks mobile app and engage during game and event days.

Lumen Field has also been able to use locationing technologies to enable services like mobile seat deliveries so fans don’t have to miss any of the game and provide insights into venue traffic patterns to help improve operational efficiency. Additionally, wayfinding technology has made it significantly easier for fans to navigate the venue to find concessions or store locations. Through these technologies and analytics, the team is not only measuring how things are working now but also envisioning a future where every fan's experience is tailored to their preferences and needs.


Building a Network for the Entire Organization

The IT team at Lumen Field has not only built a network that the fans can enjoy but also a network that provides them with the operational freedom that the organization needs to run efficiently. With strong connectivity in every section of the stadium, the team is able to easily integrate technologies throughout the stadium and move concessions to where they are most needed.


A Look Ahead Into What Else Is Possible

Lumen Field was voted the top stadium, but they don't plan to stop now! The Seahawks organization is constantly looking at new ways to enhance their stadium, improve operations, and create a better experience for fans. On the technology side, this means staying up to date with emerging technology trends, from upgrading audio and lighting technology to implementing tools like AI to help them better understand fans.

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