4 Downs with Extreme Networks: Insights Into the 2023-2024 NFL Season


Football season is back, and this season the NFL is going to be bringing fans even closer to the action with advanced technology that will revolutionize the fan experience. These tech advancements not only supercharge in-stadium Wi-Fi but also bring a host of benefits, enabling fans to share every thrilling moment on social media, get real-time game data from teams across the league, and enjoy personalized experiences. With comprehensive coverage ensuring connectivity everywhere in the stadium, the NFL is making every game day an unforgettable experience.

This season, Extreme Networks is taking you on an exciting journey through NFL tech innovation and the thrilling stadium gameday experience. Join us as we sit down with NFL tech execs like Gary Brantley, CIO of the NFL,  Aaron Amendolia, Deputy CIO for the NFL, and many other bright technology minds behind professional football. Together, we'll explore the secrets behind smart stadium technology enhancements that are revolutionizing the game! We'll also learn how preparing technology for 30,000+ fans every week has many parallels to what is happening in state and local government, education, healthcare, and retail!

Gary Brantley, CIO, NFL

Take the field with Gary Brantley, CIO of the NFL. Gary is entering his second season as CIO of the NFL after previously working as CIO for the City of Atlanta, Beazer Homes, and DeKalb County Schools. Gary shared the diverse scope of his role, covering on-field technology, digital media, film support, and back-office IT support for the organization. He also dives into the sphere of influence that the NFL has on the community and its continual impact beyond the field.  

To dive deeper into our conversation and learn more, check out the full video below.


Aaron Amendolia, Deputy CIO, NFL

“We are going to keep breaking records together. Every year we break a record in Wi-Fi and demand of bandwidth, and just the technology limits we are pushing.” – Aaron Amendolia

This week we are talking to Aaron Amendolia, the Deputy CIO of the NFL. Aaron has been with the NFL for 20 seasons and has been a huge advocate for enhancing the digital fan experience in stadiums across the league. This season, Aaron is working on a variety of technology initiatives, such as testing AI to determine ball location and other new ways to improve the game through technology. The NFL will continue to lean into Extreme through connectivity both on the field and Wi-Fi analytics to inform his decision-making. 

Hear Aaron talk about the latest innovations that the NFL is testing this season in the full video below.


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Learn more about how Extreme Networks and the NFL are enhancing the game-day experience. 

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