Building a Smart City and Improving Public Services in Memphis


The City of Memphis stands at the forefront of innovation, aiming to become a smart city by transforming the landscape of public service offerings and citizen experience. In the heart of Tennessee, Memphis takes pride in not just managing essential services like community centers, libraries, police, fire, and EMS but also in redefining them through groundbreaking technology.

Smart City Initiatives and Technological Advancements

Like many modern cities, Memphis envisions a future where technological advancements intertwine seamlessly with everyday life. The city has embarked on a mission to harness the power of AI and other cutting-edge technologies, leveraging the power of an intricate fabric network.

AI-Powered Pothole Detection

One of the unique initiatives that Memphis has taken on is AI-powered pothole detection systems. Mounted on the fronts of city buses, panoramic cameras equipped with AI algorithms detect potholes and swiftly send repair tickets to city crew members. This streamlines the repair process and ensures safer roads for the residents and guests in the city.

Smart Street Lights

The city has also introduced smart lights, allowing the city to balance public safety and energy conservation. Smart lights allow the local government to control the lights' operational times and brightness levels.

Surveillance Programs

Memphis has also introduced a surveillance program that takes a more collaborative approach to law enforcement. Through a specialized tool, citizens and businesses can seamlessly share camera footage with local police departments. This collaboration will be instrumental in solving crimes and fortifying community safety.

Supporting Public Safety

Another public safety initiative that the city is powering through modern technology is connecting police departments and officers on the move. Public safety officials have in-car video and body cameras that need to be connected to provide that footage back to the department and communication devices to stay connected with dispatch centers.

Uplifting Communities and Closing the Digital Divide

In addition to their many smart city initiatives, another significant effort of the City of Memphis' IT team is to help provide equitable digital access by offering free 24/7 public Wi-Fi at libraries and community centers.


It All Starts with the Network

As the City of Memphis takes on more smart city initiatives to transform the citizen experience within their city, it is critical to emphasize that a modern network infrastructure has made this all possible. Teaming up with Extreme, they built a resilient network that enables data flow, enhanced services, and ensured seamless connectivity for public safety.


Cybersecurity and Risk Management

With all these different initiatives going on, cybersecurity remains a top priority for the city. To combat cyber threats, the City of Memphis has built a fabric network infrastructure, protecting its systems with segmentation to create an inherently secure network managed with a simple cloud management system that provides complete visibility into what is going on within the network.

Combatting Workforce Challenges

Modern network solutions like ExtremeCloud IQ CoPilot have been game changers in tackling workforce challenges faced by the City of Memphis, like many other municipalities across the country. With a limited staff, the city faces constraints in troubleshooting and overseeing their network efficiently. CoPilot steps in as a virtual support, offering real-time insights and alerting the team to potential issues.


The City of Memphis remains committed to innovation and enhancing the citizen experience. With a modern IT infrastructure at its core, Memphis strides forward, poised to adopt and adapt to innovative technologies, ensuring sustained growth and development for its residents.

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