Protecting the Public Sector: How Extreme Networks Is Enhancing its Global Security Posture


The network plays a pivotal role in how governments operate and provide services to their community by connecting departments, personnel and citizens, enabling seamless communication. A robust and secure infrastructure empowers governments to deliver essential services efficiently, support critical functions such as public safety and emergency response teams, facilitate data-driven decision making and foster digital transformation initiatives.

The Evolving Security Landscape in the Public Sector

Government agencies are facing unprecedented security threats. Protecting sensitive data and critical infrastructure is a top priority. Extreme Networks is dedicated to enhancing security in the public sector. We provide modern digital networks that support cybersecurity initiatives and meet security standards to safeguard data for our government customers. As security threats grow more prevalent, so does the need for security. Organizations must remain agile to adapt to changing compliance regulations and maintain data sovereignty. They must have total control over all the data in their environment and who can access it. Solutions must be innovative and remain compliant with security and privacy standards to provide true value to constituents. Extreme Networks is a trusted partner to federal agencies and local governments worldwide, supporting digital transformation initiatives and protecting sensitive information through a strong security posture.

Building and Protecting Smart Cities Around the World

Boras Stad, one of the largest municipalities in Sweden, needed to connect its over 113,000 citizens and provide best-in-class services to support their community. To do so, Boras Stad built a network infrastructure that would deliver secure public Wi-Fi and reduce network complexity to increase network visibility and protect confidential citizen data and government information. Their network can now support various devices, from life-saving medical wristbands that can contact medical professionals and track the health of elderly citizens to mobile devices and iPads that enable students to learn from anywhere. Boras Stad partnered with Extreme Networks to implement solutions such as ExtremeCloud IQ, Extreme Wireless and Extreme Switching to modernize their network and provide citizens with digital services wherever they connect. ExtremeCloud IQ provided the government's IT department with the increased visibility needed to detect potential cyber threats sooner, enabling the team to proactively manage and secure their network.

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Delivering a Better Citizen Experience

The IT department in the City of Memphis, TN, is responsible for supporting buildings around the community, from police stations and fire departments to libraries and community centers. To support all those different facilities, the network needs to be reliable and secure, especially to keep public safety departments connected, whether in their offices or on the scene of a call. Public safety must always be connected, from body cams and in-car video systems to communication devices to ensure the community's safety. The City of Memphis ultimately decided to build a fabric network to eliminate network downtime and keep operations running smoothly and securely. Extreme Fabric enabled them to hyper-segment their network to better secure all the different information across all the departments they are responsible for.

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Securing Critical Operations in Communities

Milwaukee is home to over 600,000 residents, 100+ city-run buildings and more than 1,000 workers that their IT department has to connect. One of the City of Milwaukee's main concerns is keeping their community safe from physical and cyber threats. Citizens trust their information is being kept secure, so the City of Milwaukee implemented a fabric network. Extreme's Fabric solutions have provided the City of Milwaukee with a secure solution that allows them to support the many different organizations within their community and eliminate back door entry points to prevent hackers from accessing confidential information and citizen data. See how the City of Milwaukee can securely support all the different departments and SCADA systems in their community to keep operations running smoothly.

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Enabling Secure Innovation and Futureproofing

The City of Breda is located in the Netherlands and aims to be a technology leader in providing a high-quality experience to its 180,000+ citizens. From digital government services to finding new ways of interacting and engaging with those within their community, the city has embraced smart city technology to help make their community the best it can be. With a modern, futureproof network, the City of Breda has access to more data than ever, which can help them make informed decisions around the city. However, new technology can come with new risks. Hence, the City of Breda built a fabric network to securely connect all these devices and users to ensure that all the data they collect and any digital interactions with citizens are secure.

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Continued Efforts to Improve Global Security Posture

To provide the best solution to meet your needs, Extreme continues to evolve its technology and security posture to provide federal, state and local governments with the peace of mind needed to roll out new services. But with that being said, security regulations and compliance stretch much further than just government agencies. Many other industries, from healthcare to banking and education, evaluate providers vetted with federal and international certifications before deciding to do business with them. Extreme is expanding its global security posture by pursuing FedRAMP for its US Federal business and StateRAMP for its US SLED business. We are also renewing and updating certifications to build on our existing NIST and ISO certifications to address our commitment to our global public sector business and emphasize our innovative technology compliance to address emerging requirements.

Security is at the heart of everything we do. It impacts all aspects of our operations, from how we work and create new solutions to staying compliant with the latest cybersecurity standards. We have teams dedicated to developing innovative networking solutions while closely monitoring evolving global regulations and requirements. Our commitment to security remains strong, ensuring it remains a core focus in all our endeavors.
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