Borås Stad Transforms Into a Smart City

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The city of Borås Stad is one of the largest municipalities in western Sweden and home to over 113,000 citizens. By Swedish law, cities like Borås Stad are required to provide critical welfare services such as education, childcare, social services, and more. Combining that with the impact of the pandemic, the 400-year-old city soon realized the need to provide its residents with more sustainable resources, while improving quality of life and driving business innovation.



  • Network infrastructure that delivers faster, more advanced connectivity
  • Secure public Wi-Fi for citizens and local government and services
  • Reduced network complexity and improved performance visibility
"Extreme Networks has been a key partner in helping us to build a smart city that meets the current and future demands of our citizens. Leveraging Extreme’s solutions, we’ve created an advanced cloud-managed network that helps us roll out new initiatives through seamless, world-class public Wi-Fi – with minimal overhead, management, and maintenance required on our end. We’re proud to have established Borås Stad as a modern and dynamic smart city.”
Andrzej Kardas
CTO, Borås Stad

Extreme Solutions

  • Extreme Cloud™ IQ
  • Extreme Wireless™
  • Extreme Switching™


Advanced Public Wi-Fi Connectivity

  • Secure public Wi-Fi city-wide
  • Reliable coverage, increased network capacity, and faster data speeds across city
  • Uninterrupted connectivity for education, healthcare, and business sectors

Streamlined Network Management and Analysis

  • IT staff provided full oversight of network infrastructure and performance
  • Reduced network management complexity gives back time and resources to IT
  • Leverage actionable data to optimize network and improve customer experiences
  • Simplified licensing model eliminated complexity and excessive costs

Establishment as Smart City

  • Network designed to provide best possible public service and improve quality of life for citizens
  • Rollout of new Wi-Fi powered services and technology in healthcare, education, and welfare sectors
  • Seamless digital experiences attract business and support economic growth